Emphases for the Bachelor of Business Administration are available in applied economics and finance, general business, hospitality management, information systems, marketing and personal financial planning.

Applied Economics and Finance

If you are interested in corporate finance, investment management, management of financial institutions, and economics research, majoring in business administration with an emphasis in applied economics and finance is an excellent way to gain experience and knowledge in this area.

General Business

If you are interested in a holistic education that includes all aspects of business administration, then a BBA with an emphasis in general business may be the right choice for you. This program provides you with an introduction to every business area, including management, marketing, finance, economics, and business law and regulations.

Hospitality Management

If you are interested in lodging, hospitality, restaurants, food service, tourism, and public or private organizations that develop and promote tourism, you should choose to major in business administration with an emphasis in hospitality management.

Information Systems

If you are interested in information and data processing, facilities management, records management, telecommunications management, and information system security, an emphasis in information systems is an outstanding choice for you.


If you want to specialize in advertising, sales, marketing management, retailing, marketing research, and product management, then a major in business administration with an emphasis in marketing will prepare you for a career you'll enjoy.

Personal Financial Planning (PFP)

The PFP program is designed for students and individuals working in the areas of financial planning, accounting, insurance, banking and investment. Once you complete this program, you will be able to sit for the Certified Financial Planner® examination.

Faculty and Advising

All faculty members, no matter their specialty, are committed to responsible academic advising. We are specialists in our areas of advising and know the current requirements for our programs.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Eastern New Mexico University is committed to helping you finance your education. In addition to grants, loans and scholarships offered University-wide, the College of Business offers 29 scholarships for current students. Additionally, many Eastern New Mexico University students work part-time jobs on campus to help finance their education.

Career Opportunities

As a business administration major, you can look forward to many career options including:

  • General and operations manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Finance officer
  • Business operations specialist
  • Management analyst
  • Human resource specialist
  • Business researcher

High School Courses

If you are interested in business, you should take as many business courses in your high school curriculum as you can.

Additional Degree Information

You can find additional information about the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, including the courses you will take when you major in business administration with one of the emphases above.

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