American Language and Culture

The American Language and Culture (ALC) Program at ENMU offers learning opportunities for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners and international students who want to improve their English skills to succeed academically and professionally.  

Enrollment in ALC courses is determined by a placement exam given each semester.

Note: Course information shown on this page is based on the 2022-24 Graduate Catalog.

The ALC program offers the following courses:

ALC 102 Foundations of English I 3
ALC 104 Foundations of English II 3
ALC 202 English Conversation I 3
ALC 204 English Conversation II 3
ALC 210 English for Academic Purposes I 3
ALC 212 English for Academic Purposes II 3
ALC 290 TOEFL Preparation 3
ALC 293 Topics in American Language and Culture (3) 3


Yitzen Lizama-Peraza

Yitzen Lizama-Peraza

Faculty, English/Coordinator of American Language and Culture

Office Location: Jack Williamson Liberal Arts (JWLA), Room 113A

Phone: 575.562.2987