Information for Dual Enrollment Students

Eligibility Requirements for Dual Enrollment

Registration Checklist for Dual Enrollment Students

General Requirements

  • You must be actively enrolled as a New Mexico homeschool, public, private, or charter student to be eligible for ENMU Dual Enrollment. Additional district dual enrollment policies may restrict your eligibility.
  • Minimum of half-time enrollment is required at your high school or home school until you have completed all high school graduation requirements, other than your electives.
  • Students must provide their state-issued STARS ID number to participate in dual enrollment.
  • Students must submit applicable ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer scores for courses requiring placement scores. Failure to do so is considered an incomplete registration. Incomplete forms are returned for revision.

Age or Academic Year Requirements

  • Public, private, and charter high school dual enrollment students are eligible to enroll in dual credit courses during their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school.
  • Homeschool students are eligible from their freshman year of high school until age 18.

Course Selection

  • Students in public, private, and charter high schools are only eligible to participate in dual enrollment courses approved and outlined in the course appendix of their district Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Enrollments in courses outside this list are not allowed without a revision of the course appendix.
  • Homeschool students are allowed to enroll in any dual enrollment approved course with a proper mode of delivery for their location (i.e., distance dual enrollment students are generally unable to travel to attend classes on campus).
  • All dual enrollment courses are 100/200 or 1000/2000-level courses.


  • Course fees are waived for approved dual enrollment courses.
  • A student's school district normally purchases textbooks through a purchase order.
  • If you are a homeschool or the school district does not cover the cost of books, your parent/guardian is responsible for purchasing the required books for your course.

Continued Eligibility

  • Continued eligibility for enrollment is determined by your high school's eligibility requirements and at the discretion of the ENMU Dual Enrollment Coordinator.
  • Students may be restricted to single course enrollment, if:
    1. The student fails to score a grade of "C" or better in their course(s)
    2. Student's cumulative college GPA falls below 5
    3. If a student receives a late drop or late withdrawal beyond ENMU's late drop period

How Dual Enrollment Credits Count

Whenever you complete courses through the dual enrollment program, your credits count as regular college credit earned at ENMU and are transferable to other New Mexico universities. Additionally, the credits you earn in this program count toward your high school graduation. Students and dual credit administrators should always confirm the transferability of credits to a student's college or university of interest.

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Student Expectations and Conduct

A dual enrollment student must adhere to the same expectations required of all ENMU students. Your participation in the ENMU Dual Enrollment program means you agree to conduct yourself according to ENMU policy outlined in the Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct. You are also subject to the same repercussions should you fail to adhere to the policies described.

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

ENMU Library Access

You will have access to ENMU library resources during the semesters you take courses. This includes access to books, journals, research help, electronic reserves and more to help you succeed.

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Dropping a Course

If you end up not doing well in a dual enrollment course, you would need to contact your dual enrollment representative immediately to discuss your options. You do have the option to drop a course without affecting your permanent grade record if you do so before the posted dual enrollment "Late Drop" deadline.

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For More Information

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