Services and Amenities and Important Information

As a student at ENMU, living on campus gives you the opportunity to have many services and amenities at your fingertips. Knowing what is included with on-campus living can help you make the decision for whether or not to live on campus after your freshman year.

The information on this page (and more!) is available is available in the Guide to Campus Living. Find out what you can bring with you on move-in day, how you might deal with room changes, and review basic parking information and all kinds of other details that will help you prepare for college at ENMU.

Guide to Campus Living

Activity Fee

A portion of the room charge you pay is designated as an activity fee for the residence in which you live. The activity fee pays for activities. It also helps provide equipment, games, supplies and other residential needs. This fee is non-refundable.


The beds in traditional halls are designed to be bunked to provide more floor space in the room. The beds may also be separated and used as two twins. If you would like the beds bunked or unbunked in your room, please let your RA or another staff member know. The staff will arrange to have your bed bunked with approved equipment. Charges will be assessed for disassembled beds. All beds in traditional halls are extra-long, twin size, and full size in apartments.


For obvious space and safety considerations, bicycles are not permitted in the residences. Bicycles should be locked in the racks provided outside Curry, Eddy and Guadalupe, and any time left unattended at any ENMU building or site. Bicycles locked to trees and light posts will be confiscated by ENMU Department of Public Safety (ENMUDPS). You may register your bicycle with ENMU DPS to assist in the event of theft. You are encouraged to store your bicycle over the holidays rather than leaving it outside. Go to the ENMU DPS page >

Break Housing (Living on Campus During Non-Contract Periods)

The Office of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate and relocate students to specific halls, that will remain open during the non-contract time periods such as, but not limited to, winter break as well as early arrival time periods. There is also a charge for reservations for campus housing during this time. The residences will remain locked 24 hours per day. During break housing, no guests are permitted in the residential facility and all requests from residential staff must be followed. See more break housing information >


Due to health considerations and safety issues, the use and/or possession of candles and incense are not allowed in the residence halls.


ENMU custodial staff will conduct routine cleaning in all public areas and bathrooms that open onto the lobbies and hallways. Bathrooms in suites and all apartment rooms are your responsibility. You are responsible for accidental spills, breakage and the like. Residence staff will not clean up bodily fluids or other high-risk materials. You are expected to keep your residence clean and sanitary. Report any unclean event or areas to the residence director/apartment manager.


Computers are not supplied by ENMU. There is network access in each room or apartment to connect a computer. There is no additional charge for the use of this connection. All questions about compatibility should be directed to the ITS Help Desk at 575.562.4357. Please check compatibility before selecting a computer to bring into your residence. If you would like to hard-wire your computer in you will need to bring your own Ethernet cable.


For health and safety reasons, cooking in individual rooms is not permitted. Electric coffee pots, air fryers, rice cookers, popcorn poppers, small crockpots and microfridges are allowed. As long as the appliance does not have an open heating element, it is permitted.

Equipment Checkout

Residence hall front desk operation is responsible for checking out hall equipment. Equipment may include: sporting equipment, games, cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners and other services made available by the hall. An ENMU ID is required to check out equipment. If you have suggestions for items to be kept at the desk for checkout, please share your suggestions with your RA, the front desk staff or residence hall director. You may be held responsible for the equipment you check out and return damaged.

Front Desk

If you do not have your key, the desk staff may ask to see your ENMU ID to verify you are a resident. Apartments do not have a front desk.


Residences are to be occupied only by the student(s) for whom they are reserved. As a resident, you take full responsibility for any guest(s) you invite to the residential facility. If your guest violates the regulations in this document or any other code of behavior endorsed by ENMU, you will be held accountable as if you had committed the violation.

Insurance Responsibility

The Office of Housing and Residence Life, its officers, employees or agents will not be responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of a student's personal property. If insurance coverage is desired, it is the student's responsibility to acquire such insurance to cover his/her property. ENMU strongly urges residents of halls or apartments to secure their own insurance or confirm existing homeowners' policies cover a campus residence.


A room key for the electronic door will be issued to you when you check in. The cost to replace a room key is $25.


All apartment kitchens are equipped with stoves, sinks, preparation areas and dining areas. You are required to clean the area after use.


Every residence has washers and dryers for residents' use only. This service is free and app-operated. Do not use the washers and dryers for laundry belonging to people who are not residents of the specific residence to which you are assigned. Additionally, if you misuse or break any washer or dryer, you may be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs will be provided for all light fixtures in your room. If a bulb burns out, contact your RA, and it will be replaced.


Common spaces for all floor residents are available in each residence. The furniture in the lounges should not be removed.


Report any needs for maintenance to your residence staff. Let them know within a reasonable time if it has been fixed. Do not perform maintenance yourself.

Mail Service

ENMU has a U.S. Postal Service facility on campus and students may reserve an ENMU Post Office box. Mail is delivered and sorted Monday through Friday. There is a replacement fee for lost keys.

Overnight Guests

Cohabitation is prohibited in all campus residence halls. Guests are not permitted during early arrival or break housing periods. Disregard for your roommate's rights or repeated violation of this policy will lead to disciplinary action. Guests may be removed at any time for any reason. Abuse of the guest policy may result in disciplinary action.


Every effort is made by the Office of Housing and Residence Life to keep the residences in good repair inside and outside. If you think your residence needs painting, contact your RA. If painting is needed, we will try to expedite the painting over a holiday period.


Parking areas for residents are located adjacent to each of the residences. All vehicles parked on campus are required to have an ENMU parking sticker. Parking stickers are available from the ENMU DPS at no charge, and are issued at the beginning of each academic year. All regulations, especially those prohibiting alcohol, drugs and weapons – apply to parking areas.


Pets are not allowed in the residences, either on a permanent or visitation basis. You may keep fish in an aquarium of 25 gallons or less. ENMU reserves the right to remove any pets that are illegal or found to be poorly cared for, or posing a health risk to humans.

Posting Guidelines

If you or your organizations would like to post information in the residence halls, contact the Office of Campus Life for approval. Signs posted without approval are subject to removal. The distribution of posters and fliers under residents' doors is not permitted.


Each resident assistant is responsible for coordinating community building programs and activities for the floors and/or the entire hall. These occur on a regular basis. Types of programming may include social, recreational, cultural and educational activities. Programming may be shared with other residences. There is always some type of activity going on, and it's a fun way to get involved and to get to know people. View the ENMU events calendar >

Quiet Hours

Each hall maintains specific quiet hours. During those times, the noise level is kept to a minimum for those who wish to study or sleep. Anyone who disregards other residents' rights by creating noise will be subject to disciplinary action. Extended quiet hours are observed during finals week and the week prior to finals.


Each residence has a limited supply of refrigerators that are rented on a first-come first-served basis prior to or at the start of the fall semester. Cost for the refrigerator will be billed directly to your student account. If you wish, you may bring your own refrigerator if it is no larger than 3.2 cubic feet and it requires no more than 120 volts of electricity. You may bring a microfridge no larger than 2.9 cubic feet and it requires no more than 120 volts of electricity. All equipment rented by ENMU Housing and Residence Life meets specifications.

Rodent/Pest Control

Report any rodent or pest control problems to your resident assistant or hall director. They will be attended to by a company contracted by the University at no cost to you.

Room/Apartment Consolidation

Unless you officially request a private room and pay the additional fee, you will be expected to have a roommate. After the first week of school, if you do not have a roommate, you will be asked to consolidate with other residents who do not have roommates. Residence hall staff may move someone into your room or you may be asked to move to another room. Refusal to consolidate or failure to respond to consolidation requests will result in private room costs or two-bedroom apartment costs being charged to your account.

Room Changes

Requests for room changes are made through the Office of Housing and Residence Life. You must receive approval and then proceed with proper checkout procedures before moving. Failure to check out of your old room properly is a fine of $150.


ENMU has a smoking policy. Students are expected to follow this policy and smoke only at the outdoor areas designated or in their privately-owned vehicles. See ENMU smoking policy >


Soliciting of any type is prohibited in the residence halls. Please consult our sales and solicitation guidelines for further information. See ENMU solicitation guidelines >

Trash Collection

Trash is collected daily from dumpsters located outside each residence. As a resident, you are responsible for taking your trash to the dumpster. You will be charged for leaving your trash in bathrooms, hallways, porches or other common areas.

Vending Machines

Coin-operated soft drink and candy machines are located in Curry, Eddy and Guadalupe residence areas.

Wall Decorations

You are welcome to personalize your room with pictures and posters, but you may only use tape that when removed does not harm the paint or wall or poster putty. If you use nails or screws or harm the paint or wall surface, you will be charged for the cost of patching and painting the room. That charge will be documented on your room inspection sheet when you check out.