Miles Mineral Museum

The Miles Mineral Museum is temporarily closed due to rennovation of the Roosevelt Science Center.

The Miles Mineral Museum is located in Roosevelt Hall, Room 103, adjacent to the Dr. Antonio "Tony" Gennaro Natural History Museum. Admission is free.

"I wanted to get this collection into a school where the students could enjoy it."

When Fred Miles and his wife Gladys moved to Roswell, New Mexico in 1928, they began exploring along the Pecos River. There they found beautiful quartz crystals called Pecos Valley Diamonds. This was the beginning of a love affair with minerals and rocks that lasted 40 years and marked the beginning of the Miles Collection. The collection was displayed in a back room of Fred's Texaco service station on Second Street in Roswell. If you mentioned any interest in minerals or rocks, Fred would proudly show off his collection, which also included Native American artifacts.

In August 1966, Fred Miles and Eastern New Mexico University entered into an agreement to purchase the collection, which included approximately 2,500 geological, archaeological and anthropological specimens. On Feb. 23, 1969, the Miles Museum was opened on the ENMU campus. The museum was originally housed in a space adjacent to Lea Hall.

In 1984 the geological specimens were moved to museum space on the second floor of Roosevelt Hall and the Miles Mineral Museum was opened. The collection remained there until the summer of 1995, when renovation of Roosevelt Hall began. During  summer 1997, the collection was placed on display in the present space.

Most of the specimens on display today are from the original Miles Collection. Additional specimens have been obtained through donations and purchases.

Museum Hours

Temporarily closed due to rennovation of the Roosevelt Science Center

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