ENMU-Portales Buildings and Locations

From the moment the Administration Building was built more than 80 years ago in the middle of a piece of land that looked more like rural farmland than the location of a college, our campus has continued to grow. Along with our original Administration Building, we now have many buildings that surround a campus of grass, trees and art structures that rival the quality of those on many other college campuses around the United States.

We have made $235 million in campus improvements since 2001 – including constructing or renovating state-of-the-art classroom buildings, athletic facilities and a new residence hall. Although each is an integral part of the ENMU-Portales campus, every building has its own story and features as unique as the faculty, staff and students who teach, work, learn and live in them.

This section of the site will have additional content added and will continue to grow to eventually show the features and all the physical structures our campus has to offer. Each available building page below contains photos and description, contact information for the offices located in each, and applicable reservation information.

Academic and General Facilities