Most colleges of pharmacy require one year of college academic credit as a minimum for entrance. Although ENMU does not offer a pre-pharmacy degree, you may be able to take the courses you will need to complete in order to enter a college of pharmacy.

Normally, you would transfer to a college of pharmacy after you finish your freshman year. However, many colleges of pharmacy have a five-year program and students entering such programs could profitably spend two years in a pre-pharmacy curriculum. In order to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy in minimum time, the first year (or two-year) program must correlate closely with the program recommended by the colleges of pharmacy. The pre-pharmacy course of study consists of two years (65 semester hours).

ENMU to UNM Doctor of Pharmacy Early Assurance Pack

ENMU has partnered with UNM to give you a streamlined path into pharmacy school.


  • Students must be enrolled in a participating UNM College of Pharmacy (COP) EAP institution.
  • Have a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Have 30 hours of college credit, or will have by the end of the spring semester.
  • At least 40 hours remaining of the required 91 hours of COP.

Admissions Prerequisites

Completed Math 1220 (College Algebra) by the end of the spring semester.

Benefits of the Program

  • Personalized advising sessions between COP Advisor and participating institution.
  • Becoming part of the COP Community before matriculation of the PharmD Program.
  • Free PharmCAS Application fee waiver for applying to the UNM College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program.
  • Earlier interview date for students applying in the current admissions cycle.
  • Knowing one’s admissions decision by the end of October, the fall before matriculation.
  • Invitation to our annual Dinner with the Dean.
  • Seminar invitations to gain personal and academic growth.
  • Receive guidance and shadowing opportunities with current PharmD students.
  • Receive College of Pharmacy branded gifts, and more!

Recommended Courses

Course AreaCredits
English 6
General biology 4
Microbiology 4
General chemistry 8
Organic chemistry 8
Human anatomy and physiology (Cadaver lab required) 8

Calculus I and II

Statistics 3
Microeconomics 3
Computer Literacy 3
Electives: history, psychology, others 6

Note: It is important you check with your pre-pharmacy college to make sure the courses you take at ENMU are going to be accepted for credit toward your pre-pharmacy bachelor's degree.

Biology Advisor

Chemistry Advisor

Juchao Yan

Dr. Juchao Yan

Professor of Chemistry/Chemistry Graduate Coordinator/Chair of Physical Sciences

Office Location: Eddy Hall (EH), Room 114

Phone: 575.562.2494

UNM College of Pharmacy

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 505.272.3241