Life on Campus

Whether or not you live on campus, you are a part of a thriving community. And the time you spend in class will earn you a degree, but what you do between classes will shape your entire college experience. Each program, service, and facility is designed to enrich the ENMU experience.

Arts and Culture at ENMU

Looking for concerts, plays, recitals or other fine arts activities to attend? View our Arts and Culture Calendar, available online. ENMU also hosts several world-class, one-of-a-kind venues, including numerous museums and art galleries. There are many opportunities to engage with the Portales and University community with activities on campus and in the surrounding area.

Arts and Culture

Sports and Fitness

ENMU has varied program of competitive, recreational and fitness experiences designed to meet the needs and interests of regularly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff members. There are many activities and facilities for students and employees including intramural sports, the MaxPAC, Natatorium, climbing wall and boxing area.

Sports and Recreation

Athletic Events

With 14 active varsity sports, there is always a game, match or other event to attend. The best part is that all the athletic events are free to students.

Other Campus Activities

Our robust student activities schedule provides a variety of entertainment and events, many of which are open to the public.

Student Activities

Free Parking

Yes! It's true. When you're a student, employee or even just a visitor, you don't have to pay to park on campus. You just have to go register your vehicle at our ENMU Department of Public Safety and you're set!

Parking on Campus

Sending and Receiving Mail

With a full-service, on-campus Post Office, sending and receiving mail is easy. You can even get a free on-campus PO box so you can keep the same address the whole time you're a student, even if you live off campus.

ENMU Postal Service

On-Campus Childcare

If you have a young child in need of safe, affordable care based on current research into children's intellectual, linguistic, creative, physical and social/emotional development, the Child Development Center (CDC) may be for you. The CDC enrolls 36 children ages 3 to 5 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Child Development Center

Buildings and Facilities

The ENMU campus is beautiful. We have many different areas on campus for learning, socializing, winding down or just walking around to enjoy the mild weather during the spring, summer and fall months of the year. Find out more about different buildings on campus with the links below. If you're looking for a map to find a specific place on campus, we have that too!