Minor in Personal Financial Planning

Minor in Personal Financial Planning (28 hours)

Note: Students who earn a BBA with a major in business administration and an emphasis in personal financial planning may not also minor in personal financial planning.

Degree information shown on this page is based on the 2021–23 Catalog. This course list is a guideline only; consult with an advisor before enrolling in any courses.

ACCT 2110 Principles of Accounting I 3
BFIN 2110 Introduction to Finance 3
PFP 310 Personal Finance 3

One course from the following:


Three courses from the following:

  • PFP 320 Business Risk Management and Insurance
  • PFP 330 Investment: Principles and Policies
  • PFP 340 Tax Planning
  • PFP 350 Retirement Planning
  • PFP 360 Estate Planning