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Kaniya Sandoval with Presentation Poster

Three Eastern New Mexico University students traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend the annual Entomological Society of America conference from Nov. 17-20. With over 3,600 attendees, the conference is considered one of the largest entomological meetings in the world.

Standing with Dr. Jeff Elwell are student awardees (left to right) Carson Mills, Ryan Boddy, Ryan Hernandez, [Dr. Elwell], Grace Mesarchik, Lacey Harrell and Jorge Aldavaz. Not pictured are Jade Bennett, Sergio Flores, Allen Hank, Chelsea Hatfield, Logan Lingar, Lilianna Mauldin, Samantha Molina, Oliver Puckett and Derek Warner.

The fifteen top-scoring ENMU freshmen in a nationally-normed test of general knowledge were recognized this fall by President Dr. Jeff Elwell, who commended them for the academic performance.

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