If you major in chemistry or biochemistry, you may not also minor in chemistry.

Chemistry Course Requirements (8 hours)

Chemistry 151/L General Chemistry I4
Chemistry 152/L General Chemistry II4

Elective Course (4 hours)
Complete one of the following.

Chemistry 233/L Quantitative Analysis4
Chemistry 321/L Inorganic Chemistry4
Chemistry 341/L Organic Chemistry I4

Upper-Division Chemistry Courses (20 hours)
Choose 20 hours from the following.

Chemistry 342/L Organic Chemistry II4
Chemistry 401/L Biochemical Methods2
Chemistry 407 Forensic Chemistry3
Chemistry 411/L Physical Chemistry/Thermodynamics3
Chemistry 412 Physical Chemistry/Quantum Mechanics3
Chemistry 442 Advanced Organic Chemistry3
Chemistry 450/L Instrumental Analysis4
Chemistry 452 Biochemistry3
Chemistry 453 Advanced Biochemistry3
Chemistry 454 Geochemistry3