Scholarships for In-State Freshmen

ENMU offers academic scholarships that can total more than $33 thousand over four years of attendance for New Mexico first-time freshmen. We also encourage you to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which may be submitted as early as Oct. 1 of the current year for the upcoming school year.

Review the scholarship information on this page to see what other aid you might qualify for.

Top Scholarships

State-Funded Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships

Donor Scholarships

Please call 575.562.2412 if you have any questions about applying for ENMU Foundation Donor Scholarships.

Continuation Criteria

Some scholarships, like the New Mexico Freshman Academic Scholarship will continue to award you money for a number of semesters as long as you maintain a certain GPA while taking a certain number of courses. The GPA and course load requirements are referred to as "Continuation Criteria" and are shown for each scholarship.

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