Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment programs offer high school students credit toward a high school diploma and college credit toward a certificate or degree. If you wish to get a head start on your college career, visit your high school counselor or principal to learn about the options available to you.

It is never too early to start preparing for college. Dual enrollment helps high school students maximize their time by earning college credit while still in high school.

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Benefits of Taking Dual Enrollment Courses

  • Earn high school and college credits simultaneously
  • Explore your interests in a more concentrated and advanced format
  • Pursue interests not available at the high school level
  • Be introduced to university study which may help you transition to college
  • Complete your general education requirements early
  • Demonstrate commitment and scholarship to university admissions officials
  • Earn credits you can transfer to other colleges and universities
  • Earn college credits without spending any money or using any financial aid
  • Have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree in a shorter amount of time

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Most of the 100/200 level and 1000/2000 level courses in the university undergraduate catalog are eligible for dual enrollment. Our dual enrollment courses are offered online, on the ENMU Portales campus, and at high schools approved by the Office of Distance Learning.

Keep in mind:

  • Certain classes have prerequisite placement scores or class requirements for you to register.
  • Always speak with your high school dual enrollment representative to check which courses you are eligible to take.
  • Some courses are offered at area high schools by qualified adjunct faculty.

See ENMU's approved Dual Enrollment courses

Dual enrollment courses count toward many of ENMU's existing degree options. If you are interested in attending Eastern New Mexico University in the future, explore some of the degree options available at our institution. Most dual enrollment students select classes that fulfill the general education requirements required by their major. You may also find helpful information in the admission area of the university webpage.

Majors and Degree Options

If you are a public, private, or home-school student, there are no tuition or registration fees for taking a dual enrollment course. Most public high schools cover the cost of textbooks for their students. If a high school does not cover this expense, your parent or guardian must purchase the textbook(s) needed for your course(s). If you are a homeschool student, your parent or guardian is responsible for purchasing your textbooks from the ENMU Campus Bookstore or an alternate book ordering service.

Note: Some courses include fees and material costs not waived by state dual enrollment. Parents and high school administrators are responsible for identifying any additional costs in your classes.

Students interested in participating in dual enrollment must have the following to participate:

  • State Issued STARS ID Number
  • Permission from a high school counselor or representative and approval from a parent or guardian
  • Students must submit a fully completed Dual Credit Registration Form

If you are attending a public school, please contact your school or district office to obtain your STARS ID number.

If you are a private or homeschooled student, please contact the ENMU Dual Enrollment Coordinator Matthew Dale. Provide the following to the coordinator so that a STARS ID may be created for you:

  • First, Middle, Last name of Student
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity:  Asian, Black (non-Hispanic), Caucasian (non-Hispanic), Hispanic, American Indian or Alaskan Native, OR Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander.
  • Last grade level completed.

Concurrent enrollment, like dual enrollment, also allows you to take college courses while you are in high school, but there are a few differences. View the chart below to compare the two programs. Some courses are not available for dual enrollment and must be taken as concurrent enrollment. Check with your high school counselor for specific classes allowed for dual enrollment.

Concurrent Enrollment vs. Dual Enrollment

Compare Dual Enrollment and Concurrent EnrollmentDual EnrollmentConcurrent Enrollment
College credit for completing course Yes Yes
High school credit for completing course Yes No
Student pays tuition for course No Yes
Student buys textbooks/supplies for course
If you are a home-schooled student, you buy your own textbooks.
No Yes
Courses are taught by college faculty
Courses are taught either by high school faculty at your high school, or by ENMU faculty at your high school, ENMU campus or online.
Yes Yes
General education core courses taken are guaranteed to be accepted as college credit at all other state institutions Yes Yes
Requires high school and parent approval to take course Yes Yes
Grade for course completion becomes an official, permanent addition to your college transcript Yes Yes

Please fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Form below if you want to register for concurrent enrollment. Contact Enrollment Services for more information at 575.562.2178

Concurrent Enrollment Form

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