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Program Details

To facilitate those students needing prerequisites to enter a master's program, ENMU offers speech pathology courses online to satisfy the leveling requirements necessary to gain admittance to the ENMU Master of Science in Communicative Disorders degree program or master's programs at other universities. With a competitive Praxis examination pass rate, 100% employment for our graduates and incredibly low tuition, the ENMU master's in communicative disorders is a top program choice.

How to Apply

ENMU Speech Therapy Classes Online May be Eligible for Financial Aid

As a CDIS graduate student, if you are taking leveling courses, you may be eligible for financial aid for one calendar year, regardless of the number of hours you take. If you wish to take CDIS leveling courses, you should apply to the ENMU Graduate School as a CDIS leveler. This admission status affects your financial aid only, and does not imply admission into the CDIS graduate program.

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Graduate Application and Admission

If you already have a bachelor's degree and are seeking to complete prerequisites in order to apply to a graduate program in communication disorders (leveling), you must apply as a graduate student, CDIS leveler. You can apply online.

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Acceptance as a graduate student at ENMU does not ensure your admission into the CDIS graduate program. Admission to the graduate program in CDIS (if you wish to take 500-level courses for completion of the master's in CDIS) is a separate process with different admission requirements. ENMU does not offer a completely online graduate program. Your first semester of clinical practicum as an ENMU student must be completed on campus for the M.S. in CDIS.

Application to ENMU Master's Programs

Undergraduate Application and Admission

ENMU does not have a formal admission deadline for undergraduate courses. You are advised to apply early enough to allow time for transcripts to arrive and for proper procedures to be completed. As a general rule, you should apply for admission at least 30 days before the start of your first semester. After you submit all your application materials, there is a two to three day processing window. If you have any questions about the process for applying for the CDIS undergraduate program, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services. Students should be advised that the availability of CDIS speech pathology courses online is limited and these classes fill quickly. Early registration is the best way to ensure a seat in desired courses.

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Course Schedules

All online courses are offered at least once per year. Details about course rotations, prerequisites, and course length are listed on our CDIS Course Rotations and Suggested Course of Study page. Graduate non-degree seeking (leveling) students may complete the CDIS leveling sequence in a single year, but only by attending full-time.

Some of our students in CDIS choose to attend the University on a part time basis. Most students who are working full time go to school part time as it is very difficult to complete a full-time load (12 hours) of CDIS coursework and maintain job responsibilities simultaneously. Suggested course of study options for part-time enrollment using both 8- and 16-week courses are available on our CDIS Course Rotations and Suggested Course of Study page. A part-time course of leveling study generally takes two years, but students are welcome to progress at their own pace.

ENMU combines an engaging learning environment with current technology to provide a rich educational experience. We focus on preparing students for careers and advanced study; promoting citizenship and leadership skills and values; supporting excellence in teaching and research; and empowering students to respond to a rapidly changing world. With affordable tuition, evening classes as well as select online courses, we offer an education that fits your lifestyle and puts your career goals within reach. We invite you to learn more about Eastern New Mexico University’s speech pathology courses online.


Suzanne Swift

Dr. Suzanne Swift, CCC-SLP

Professor of Communicative Disorders, Graduate Program Director and Coordinator

Office Location: Lea Hall (LH), Room 117

Phone: 575.562.2724


The Office of Health and Human Services



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