ENMU Early Arrival and Break Housing

On-Campus Housing for Students Arriving Before Residence Halls Open

Sometimes you may need to stay in the residence halls before the official date the halls are open. This is fairly common for athletes, for instance, who have to report to practice well before school begins.

In order to be eligible to live on campus, you must be registered for the upcoming semester.

ENMU Department or Athletic Team Requirements

Your participation in a University program or team may require you to stay in a residence hall during a time the dorms are normally closed. If this happens, the department or team you are affiliated with will provide your information to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. You'll be good to go for your early arrival or on-break stay in the dorms.

If you have any questions about when you need to report to campus for a specific program, be sure to talk with your professor or coach about their expectations at least a few weeks in advance.

On-Campus Housing During Summer Break

If you need to stay on campus during the summer you will need to contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 575.562.2631.

On-Campus Housing During Winter Break

Because of staffing issues, during Winter Break, you may have to temporarily move to a room in another building (your regular dorm room may not be located in a building that will have staff coverage).

If you need to stay on campus during a break, you are invited to sign up for break housing with the Office of Housing and Residence Life, 575.562.2631. There is a $25 charge for each night during this time maxing out at $250.

Please note: Only students who have contacted housing may remain in residence during the breaks.

For More Information

Steven Estock
Director, Housing and Residence Life
Office Location: Campus Union Building (CUB), Room 108
Phone: 575.562.2632