Throughout each year of your time in college, there are steps you will take in order to set yourself up for success after graduation; making the transition from college student to working professional begins the first day you step on campus. To help you go from job applicant to job offer, our career counselors are available to assist you in your personal career development and job search efforts. And our services don't end when you graduate. We are a resource for all Greyhounds!

Student Jobs

When you're an ENMU student, you have an opportunity to work on campus. Many times you can find a position that gives you experience that will help you grow professionally as you grow academically. Our Student Job board provides a list of on-campus jobs that can provide you money to help pay for your tuition and other college expenses.

As of March 9th, the job board is to be down and all job postings will be through Handshake.

On-Campus Jobs

Job Fairs and Other Job Opportunities

ENMU hosts two on-campus career fairs every year. Employer recruiters come to campus to find qualified individuals to meet the hiring needs for their organization, company or school. We also have a professional section on our job board for which employers provide position openings.

Career Events

Preparing a Resume and Cover Letter

Knowing what you want to be and getting your degree are steps you need to take in your career pathway. We can help you build and proof your resume so you can present the You that is perfect for the job you want.

Resume Resources

Find Out How to Choose the Right Career

If you’re not sure what your career goals should be, we can help you decide. There are special tests created to help you see what jobs fit with your main interests and many more opportunities to explore the world that opens up to you after you get your college degree from ENMU.

Career Exploration Resources

Get Interview Tips and Coaching

Student success is our goal. We can help you prepare for your upcoming interview. When you are an ENMU student you have a group of staff who really care about your success and we can coach you and also provide you with career and resume tip videos and other resources you can be prepared to interview for that job you really want after you graduate from ENMU.

Career Resources

Find an Internship Position or Practicum Placement

Sometimes the hardest part about getting a job is just getting your foot in the door. When you have great experience from relevant internships or practicum courses, you have something solid to build your resume and give you an edge over other college graduates competing for the same position.

Review posted internship/practicum positions >

What Should I Major In?

If you’re planning on going to college, you may not know what to choose as your major. Don't feel bad, you're not alone in this. Many college freshman don’t know what they want to major in for the first couple of years of college. We can help your figure out what major fits your career goals. This section of the site is in the Career Services community site, which provides more resources to help you be successful.

Find out what you what you can do with your major >

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