The College of Education and Technology maintains several partnerships with public schools and educational agencies. The purposes are engagement with the whole school in preparation of the students, the establishment of standards of proficiencies and collaboration of best practices.

Professional Development Schools (PDS)

The Portales and Roswell school districts have collaborated with the College of Education and Technology in developing professional development schools that provide unique opportunities for candidates to work with and learn from a team of school and University faculty. Currently, the College maintains three formal PDS sites: the Child Development Center (link to its page), James Elementary School in Portales, and Pecos Elementary School in Roswell, NM. In addition, there are quasi-PDS relations with and Belle Vista Elementary School in Clovis, NM that is an arts academic; La Casita and Lockwood Elementary schools as bilingual schools; and Clovis Christian School as a private, religious experience.

The PDS sites associated with CET are designed to combine the resources of the University with the local school in order to assist with improved student achievement. In the formal PDS sites, teachers assist faculty in practica coursework, and in turn college faculty and students assist elementary students with learning under the direction of PDS teachers and administrators. Examples of shared activities ae reading partners, math tutors, math and science family night, practicum classrooms onsite, placements for thematic teaching, shared technology, joint professional development, and action research projects.

Partner Schools

This map shows the school districts in New Mexico that the College of Education and Technology partners with. Click on the school district to view that district's Web page, or choose from the list below the map.

Please Note: Not all school districts shown have a Web site. If your district has a Web site and we do not list it, please contact us at 575.562.2443.

Central Farmington Aztec Bloomfield Central Farmington Zuni Ft. Sumner House Logan Melrose Tucumcari Clovis Grady Logan Melrose San Jon Texico Tucumcari Capitan Carrizozo Corona Hondo Valley Ruidoso Corona Elida Floyd Ft. Sumner Hondo Valley Melrose Roswell Tatum Clovis Elida Dora Floyd Melrose Portales Roswell Tatum Texico Alamogordo Artesia Capitan Carrizozo Cloudcroft Hondo Valley Ruidoso Tularosa Alamogordo Artesia Carlsbad Dexter Hagerman Hobbs Hondo Valley Lake Arthur Lovington Roswell Tatum Carlsbad Eunice Hobbs Lovington Tatum Alamogordo Alamogordo Carlsbad Loving Carlsbad Eunice Jal Loving


Central Consolidated School District Carrizozo Municipal Schools
Farmington Municipal Schools Capitan Municipal Schools
Aztec Municipal Schools Ruidoso Municipal Schools
Bloomfield Schools Hondo Valley Municipal Schools
Zuni Public Schools Roswell Independent School District
Logan Municipal Schools Tularosa Municipal Schools
Tucumcari Municipal Schools Dexter Consolidated Schools
San Jon Municipal Schools Hagerman Municipal Schools
House Municipal Schools Lake Arthur Municipal Schools
Grady Municipal Schools Artesia Public Schools
Melrose Schools
Cloudcroft Municipal Schools
Ft. Sumner Municipal Schools Alamogordo Public Schools
Clovis Municipal Schools Carlsbad Municipal Schools
Texico Municipal Schools Loving Municipal Schools
Portales Municipal Schools Tatum Municipal Schools
Floyd Municipal Schools Lovington Municipal Schools
Elida Municipal Schools Hobbs Municipal Schools
Dora Consolidated Schools Eunice Public Schools
Corona Public Schools Jal Public Schools

Advising Agencies and Organizations

Many organizations participate in the college's curriculum design, implementation of programs, and evaluation of students and programs. Collaborative meetings are held with Eastern New Mexico Resource Center (ENMERC) and the Southern New Mexico Educational Resource Center (SNMERC), and the Regional Education Cooperative (REC).

New Mexico Teacher Education Deans and Directors Group


The New Mexico American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Deans/Directors Group is the state affiliate to the national AACTE organization. "The Dean's Group" is a common reference to this organization.


Teacher education in New Mexico has various regulatory expectations and is called upon to maintain conversations concerning the education profession. The Dean's Group chooses to have an active voice with such bodies as the NM Public Education Department (NMPED), NM Higher Education Department (NMHED), NM legislative bodies such as the Legislative Education Study Committee (LESC) and Legislative Finance Committee (LFC), Office of Educational Accountability (OEA), the Council of University Presidents (CUP), and various other important educational organizations including the National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT).


Membership of the Dean's Group includes all deans, directors, or coordinators that represent institutions with programs approved by the NMPED. This approval pertains to all initial or advanced licensure programs. Alternative licensure as well as programs for the continuing education and professional development of educators is included. An institution does not have to belong to the national AACTE organization.