Counseling Corner Info for Friends and Families

When you have a child or a friend attending ENMU, you can remind them they can connect at the Counseling Corner if they are feeling overwhelmed or just need to talk.

Our licensed counselors are equipped to help students deal with short-term issues like depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship problems, anger management, communication problems, fear of failure and more.

All of our counseling services are confidential and available to give our Greyhounds the help they need, when they need it.

See below for the ways we connect with students

Counseling Records and Confidentiality

As a parent, you might be wondering if your Greyhound's interaction with our office is documented in their academic record. All counseling information is protected by counselor-client confidentiality and will never be part of a student's academic record.

Mental health records are separate from academic files. The record belongs to the Office of Counseling and Career Services. Confidentiality within the office is considered essential for effective treatment. By law and professional ethics, the limits of confidentiality may be exercised if, in the judgment of the counselor, the student is:

  • Suspected of child abuse or elderly abuse.
  • A serious threat to self or others.
  • The counselor receives a valid court order to release information.

If, as a part of an employment process or security screening the student may sign a release of records form. We ask that the student sign our own form to ensure that they are freely and knowingly releasing a brief summary of their contact with us. Along with this, if you wish to see your student's record, you will only be allowed to do so if the student signs a counseling record release granting permission.

How Can Students Connect with Counselors?

Students can connect at the Counseling Corner in one of the following ways:

By Text


Texting is available 24 hours per day with no appointment required. Text messages to 575.825.1978.

You can connect with our staff at the Counseling Corner 24/7 via a platform that you already use and trust: text. Reach out for any type of situation that you would need immediate emotional assistance. If you experience a delay during business hours (Mondays to Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), please be aware that our staff might be in a counseling appointment. They will get back to you as soon as they are available. We are also available via WhatsApp and IMessage. We take your privacy seriously and will take strict measures to keep our conversations confidential!

Absence Alert

Sometimes when Greyhounds have situations that pull them away from their academic efforts, they will tell a friend or family member who can fill out our Absence Alert Form. This form provides us with enough information to contact the student's professors or on-campus employers so the student doesn't have to worry about contacting everyone in the midst of a crisis.

This form asks for the expected duration of absence and if possible, the reason for the absence. The intention of the alert is to inform, but does not excuse the absence. It is still the student's responsibility to contact with their professors or employers when the student is able to do so.

View our Absence Alert Form

Crisis Situation Contacts

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