The Music Building

The Music Building is the home of the Department of Music. Originally constructed in 1957, the building recently underwent a $12 million renovation and expansion. All areas of the existing structure were renovated. Many changes were made to the original floor plan to better accommodate our growing student body.

Floren Thompson, Jr. Band Hall

In addition to the renovation, the Music Building was expanded to include the state-of-the-art Floren Thompson, Jr. Band Hall. The band hall is the largest "smart classroom" on our campus and the superior ceiling and wall treatments, which include fully-retractable curtains, give the hall excellent acoustics.

George Umberson Choral Rehearsal Room

With the addition of the band hall, our choirs gained a rehearsal room, which was dedicated to Dr. George Umberson. The Umberson Choral Rehearsal Room is also a smart classroom, featuring outstanding video, audio and computer technology.

Buchanan Hall

The department's signature performance venue is the 250-seat Buchanan Hall. Buchanan Hall, one of the finest performance halls in the southwest, saw significant enhancements during the renovation. In addition to the expansion of the stage and balcony, the seating was reconfigured to greatly enhance the concert experience for our loyal audience. Buchanan Hall, dedicated to longtime faculty member Ms. Gillian Buchanan, features superior recording, audio, video and computer technology and is adjacent to our fabulous recording studio.

Teaching Studios/Faculty Offices

All full-time faculty are assigned individual studios/office spaces. These offices are spacious (280 square feet with 9-foot ceilings) and feature large operable windows, pianos where desired, generous storage and furniture as requested by faculty during the renovation. IT provides all faculty members with computers (desktop or laptop on a three-year rotation), peripheral devices, broadband Internet connections, and access to networked printers.

Outdoor Concert Stage and Green

Connected to both Buchanan Hall and the Floren Thompson, Jr. Band Hall are the outdoor concert stage and green. The stage is well-suited for performances by our popular Steel Band, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and chamber groups. Exterior electrical and broadband receptacles allow for both amplification and the inclusion of technology during performances. The green is an open "green-space" on the ENMU Quad. The space provides a wonderful picnic area for outdoor concertgoers.

Department of Music and College of Fine Arts Administrative Offices

The Music Building houses the administrative suites for both the Department of Music and the College of Fine Arts and offers generous studio space for our excellent full-time and adjunct music faculty members.


The instructional mission of the department is achieved in four primary classrooms. All of the classrooms are comfortable and well-equipped. MB211, MB212 and MB237 are fully-integrated smart classrooms. All classrooms are connected to our recording studio, allowing flexibility in the many recording projects that our students and faculty undertake during the academic year.

Midi Lab

The Department of Music is also home to our Midi Lab. Following the renovation, the Midi Lab was outfitted with new Macs, keyboards and other hardware. All software in the Midi Lab is regularly updated ensuring you'll have access to latest editions of popular applications.

Practice Rooms

As an ENMU student, you'll have access to 18 practice rooms, all of which contain pianos (grand/upright/Yamaha Clavinova), a music stand, seating, and an adjustable upright mirror for personal observation during practice. The department is pleased to house two well-equipped sound labs. Many of our practice rooms have been named by benefactors.

University Friends of Music Student Lounge

The University Friends of Music Student Lounge is located on the northeast side of the Music Building. The student lounge is a popular place for students to gather for lunch, informal meetings and study. Like the rest of the Music Building (and most of campus), the University Friends of Music Student Lounge has free Wi-Fi access.

Piano Inventory

The Department of Music maintains an inventory of upright, largely new grand (Steinway and Kawai), and concert grand pianos. Our piano lab features new digital Kawai keyboards that are integrated with a KLCS Music Lab System and a Key/Note Visualizer. The lab also houses a Yamaha Disklavier piano.


During hours when the Music Building is closed to the public, students, faculty and staff gain entrance to the facility via card-swipe locks that are positioned on two exterior doors.