Council of Prof. Emeriti (COPE)

council of professors emriti

The successes an institution achieves and continues to grow upon is built by the efforts of its former faculty and administrators. COPE stands for Council of Professors Emeriti - a group of faculty who have retired from Eastern New Mexico University, a group that spent their academic careers helping the University grow and improving student experiences. The University's Board of Regents appoints a retiring faculty member to the status of Professor Emeritus whereby they become a member of our group. We have all spent a significant number of years of our careers in service dedicated to the teaching and supporting of Eastern's students. Some of our COPE members have also served in administrative roles assisting with the operation, growth, and development of the University and its programs. We have a building where we host several luncheon meetings yearly to maintain collegiality and companionship with the retired faculty with whom we spent our working careers. We use these meeting times as an opportunity to remain abreast of the University and students. Our group remains in contact with other Professors Emeriti who have chosen a retirement location other than the Portales greater community through newsletters, allowing them to stay in touch with and learn of Eastern's progress and students' successes.

Members of COPE also continue to support Eastern's students through the COPE scholarship fund established at the ENMU Foundation office. The Foundation's office administers the student awards. Our retired faculty voluntarily contribute to the COPE scholarship fund. Students interested in applying do so through the Foundation's office. It is all about student success and helping students financially in that success too.

Several of our members remain active in helping students academically as well. These members volunteer a portion of their time in retirement to tutoring services where they continue to share their academic expertise to help students learn and grow.