Dual Enrollment Information for High School Teachers

Dual Enrollment Instructors

ENMU instructor qualifications may vary from course to course, but instructors are generally required to have:

  • Master's degree in the field they are instructing (minimum of 18 hours toward a Masters degree in subject area)
  • Equivalent experience in a related degree field.
  • Academic apartments may also have additional minimum qualifications, as determined by ENMU Portales faculty administrators

Dual enrollment instructors are also required to submit midterm and final grades to the dual enrollment coordinator upon request. They must also teach from ENMU syllabi for their courses and maintain regular communication with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator and their area administrators.

Please see dual enrollment deadlines and important dates for a schedule of when grades are due:

View deadlines and important dates

Instructor Application Process

Before applying to be a dual enrollment instructor, please confirm the following:

  • Ensure that offering an in-person course does not conflict with the geographical area of responsibility (GAR) for your local community college. Your local community college has the right of first refusal for any courses under their area of responsibility. This does not apply to online or hybrid delivery models.
  • That your district has approved an in-person offering and made the necessary update to your district memorandum of understanding.

If you are a high school teacher and you wish to be considered for ENMU's dual enrollment program faculty, you should prepare the following:

  • Application
  • Current resume/vitae– should reflect professional development in addition to experience
  • Official transcripts – should include information from every institution, showing specific degrees awarded/conferred or showing specific updated coursework relevant to the discipline and/or content area
  • Brief letter of interest – should include course title(s) you wish to teach

Submit applications to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Matthew Dale, by email:

Forward official transcripts to:

  • Melissa Broz Executive Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
    Eastern New Mexico University
    1500 S. Avenue K, Station 2
    Portales, NM 88130

Applications from potential dual enrollment instructors are reviewed both by the appropriate ENMU academic department faculty and by the dual enrollment administration. You will be notified whether or not you have been approved to teach dual enrollment courses for ENMU.

Registration for classes offered for dual credit in the high schools are scheduled after faculty, syllabi and course offerings have been approved by ENMU. The ENMU approval process takes place during the semester prior to courses beginning. Please submit applications for credentialing one semester in advance of when your school wishes to offer the course.

If you have a student in your classroom interested in taking a dual enrollment course, please view the Course Registration Checklist for application instructions.

Important Note: If you do not instruct for a semester, you must resubmit this paperwork. You must also communicate with ENMU regarding completing all required HR paperwork to receive compensation for your work.

Facilitator Application Process

A select number of AG courses are offered online at high schools in an online-hybrid format. Facilitators assist the ENMU instructor of record with course delivery. Facilitators work with the campus Department of Agriculture faculty to offer hybrid-online experiences for students at a distance. These facilitators must maintain regular communication with the ENMU instructor of record and the ENMU coordinator.

To apply as a facilitator:

  • Identify the course(s) you wish to facilitate
  • Complete the dual credit facilitator application (contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator for this paperwork)
  • Provide several points of contact to ensure the dual credit coordinator and instructor of record can reach you

Important Note: If you do not facilitate for a semester, you must resubmit this paperwork. You must also communicate with ENMU to complete all the required paperwork to receive compensation for your work.

For More Information

Coordinator, Dual Enrollment and Continuing Education
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Fax: 575.562.2168
Email: [email protected]

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