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Saturday: Aug. 19
Move-in and Check-in8 a.m.-5 p.m.Guadalupe/Curry/Eddy Hall/CUB
Non-Traditional Student Orientation10 a.m.-noonCUB Zia Room
Parents' One-On-One w/Dr. Long, "Parents' Advisor Section"2 p.m.CUB Ballroom
Family Community Fair5 p.m.CUB Dallan Sanders Patio
Dawg Days Barbeque5 p.m.CUB Dallan Sanders Patio
Pep Rally6:30 p.m.CUB Dallan Sanders Patio
Entertainment9-11 p.m.CUB Dallan Sanders Patio
Sunday: Aug. 20
Free Time or Devotion9-11 a.m.Open
*Welcome1 p.m.CUB Ballroom
Dawg Days Counselor Time w/Groups2 p.m.Outdoors
*Student Organization Fair4 p.m.CUB Dallan Sanders Patio
Dinner6 p.m.CUB Campus Crossroads
Entertainment8 p.m.CUB Ballroom
Monday: Aug. 21
*Welcome9 a.m.CUB Ballroom
*Capture the Greyhound10 a.m.CUB Ballroom
LunchNoonCUB Campus Crossroads
*Freshman Seminar/International/Transfer Students2 p.m.CUB, Then Classrooms in COB
*Educational Program4 p.m.CUB Ballroom
Dinner6 p.m.CUB Campus Crossroads
*Awards/Entertainment8 p.m.CUB Ballroom

* Mandatory events for Freshman Seminar