ENMU Board of Regents

The Board of Regents consists of five members, one of whom is a member of the student body of the University. No more than three regents may be members of the same political party at the time of their appointments. At least four must be qualified electors of the state of New Mexico.

With the exception of the student regent, regents are appointed for six years. The term continues until the regent's successor is appointed and confirmed by the New Mexico Legislature.

Powers of the Board

The board is the highest governing body of the University. The legislature has expressly given to the board the power to sue parties and make contracts; to hire the University president and determine his or her compensation; to approve general areas of curriculum, such as new programs; and to approve compensation for University employees. The title to all property belonging to the University is vested in the board.

Under its broad responsibility for the management and control of the University, the board has the right to delegate duties and functions to the University president, who may in turn delegate these to members of his or her staff.

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