Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

If you want to work for a state for government agency, like the Forest Service, Game and Fish or the Environmental Protection agency, or are interested in science, animals, conservation and the environment, you should major in wildlife and fisheries sciences at ENMU. A wildlife and fisheries sciences major's time frame for degree completion varies with everyone, but you can generally finish this degree in 4-5 years.

Special Services and Opportunities

The wildlife and fisheries sciences faculty are committed to responsible academic advising. Our faculty are specialists in their areas of advising and are current with requirements for admission into the programs they advise. We usually have volunteer opportunities in our laboratories or research projects. We also provide volunteer/work study opportunities for you to work in the live animal exhibit, Dr. Antonio "Tony" Gennaro Natural History Museum, and greenhouse. We even have periodic opportunities for paid research experience in faculty labs.

Service and Mutual Interest Organizations

The ENMU Fish and Wildlife Club provides you the opportunity to use your wildlife and fishery science skills and hold leadership positions. You may become a member, if nominated, of Sigma Xi: the Scientific Research Society, where you apply for funding for research projects. If you excel academically, you can also be initiated into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, one of the largest honor societies in the world.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

We are committed to helping you finance your education. In addition to grants, loans, and work-study offered University-wide, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers scholarships for current students. Additionally, many ENMU students work part-time jobs on campus to help finance their education.

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Career Opportunities

As a wildlife and fisheries sciences major, you can look forward to a career such as:

  • Forest ranger
  • Manager
  • Soil conservationist
  • Conservation biologist
  • Animal controller
  • Administrator
  • Researcher
  • State game and fish officer
  • State game and fish biologist
  • U.S. fish and wildlife biologist
  • State park ranger
  • Environmentalist

You can also continue your education in a graduate program. In addition to advisors and departments, Career Services also offers free job placement assistance to all ENMU students.

High School Courses

Students interested in wildlife and fishery sciences should include as much math and science as possible in their high school curriculum, along with English courses.

After taking some additional classes in consultation with your advisor, you may meet the requirements for you to certify with the Wildlife Society and The American Fisheries Society.

Wildlife Society  American Fisheries Society

Additional Degree Information

You can find additional information about the Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences degree, including the courses you will take when you're a wildlife and fisheries science major at Eastern.