Excel – Juniors and Seniors

As you prepare to connect to the professional world and network within your career area, we have laid out a number of resources and steps that you can take to prepare you for a positive future.

Many students are unsure of their exact career path and that is to be expected. You may be deciding between graduate school options and full-time employment.

We specialize in facilitating these discussions to assist you with your options. Whatever you chose, we can guide you with resources and individual support that will help you to define your career goals and excel in your professional development.

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Your Junior Year

Develop a professional online presence with LinkedIn – grow your network by connecting with classmates, professors and other groups like ENMU Alumni and professional organizations connected with your major.

Suggested Career Goals for Juniors

Planning for an Internship

Internships are a primary step to gaining professional experience and further clarifying your career path. The value of internships has been well established for decades within universities (see Internships positively impact student competencies, 8 great reasons to intern).

Additional Internship Resource

Looking for something specific for your experience? Try:

Internship Checklist

Career Goals for Juniors and Seniors

Craft your resume and cover letter

Resume and cover letter writing … oh my!!!!! If you find resume and cover letter writing daunting, you are in good company. Most professionals, as well as students, find writing a resume difficult, confusing and just plain scary. However, the best thing to do is to just get started.

We are here to help and have laid out some specific information, guidance and examples to assist you. To finalize your resume, always get professional assistance for a second or a third opinion. You don't want a good resume, you want a great resume!

Resume Resources

What About the Cover Letter?

A cover letter is your opportunity to connect on a more personal level with your employer and offer the employer-specific points about why you will benefit them and be a good fit for their company or organization.

Networking, Networking and More Networking

Networking means talking to professionals on and off campus and listening. You will want to consider your connections on and off campus who may have advice for you about potential career openings:

  • Professionals
  • Faculty
  • Advisors
  • Career Services
  • Clubs
  • Internships
  • Professionals through informational interviews
  • Part-time employers/co-workers
  • Family connections
  • Friends

Also, begin to build your network through your profile on LinkedIn. Networking means being able to carry on a conversation with someone about their interests and yours, and being about to ask for advice.

Online Portfolio

Beyond the resume, you may want to consider creating an e-portfolio. (See YouTube vid: What is an e-portfolio?) An e-portfolio allows your show your accomplishments. You may link your e-portfolio to your resume by listing it near your contact information.

Suggested e-Portfolio Resources

You can also send your e-portfolio directly as another attachment to your professional application. This is becoming a more popular and common means of showing who you are and your accomplishments.

Make an appointment with us – we can help you with what to include in this resource.

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Attend Career Fairs, Workshops and Events

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Prepare for Interviewing

Most people feel some anxiety about interviews. We are excited to announce that we have a new interactive mock interview tool to help you prepare for interviews. StandOut will allow you to practice a mock interview that is pre-recorded or you may create your own practice interview.

We can assist you by reviewing your recorded mock interview and sending you feedback. This is all confidential within your Standout account. If you would like guidance as you prepare for interviews, let us know.

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One of the trickiest types of interview questions are behavioral questions. These types of question are about a difficult situation you dealt with and how it turned out. These take some thinking and, similar to in the information you provide in your resume, you must be honest, while always highlighting your best abilities and personal strengths. Check out; 30 behavioral interview questions that you need to be ready to answer.

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Additional links to help with interviewing:

Prepare for Virtual Interviewing

It is likely that your interviewing will begin with a phone interview, and may or may not continue virtually on any number of platforms: Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Hangouts.

If you're interviewing virtually, it is even more important to practice for you interview and plan for your digital professional space. Treat the virtual situation the same as in person interview: dress appropriately, be aware of your body language, voice, and all visuals including what is in the background of your room.

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Visit Job Boards

Recommended job boards for students are:

Your Senior Year

Open Letter to 2020 Seniors

The Office of Counseling and Career Services is here for you as you look to step into the world of work. Remember to breathe – every accomplishment is made one step at a time!

We will support, guide and encourage your next steps. You have got this, seniors!

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