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Diet and Nutrition

Eating Disorders

Heart Health

Sexual Health



Women's Health Links

Women's services available at Health Services include annual exams, pap smears, contraception diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, counseling, referrals and more.



Emergency Contraception

Family Planning and Sexual Health

Men's Health Links

When a man visits our clinic, our staff will use charts, handouts, and educational videos to explain the functions of the body, warnings signs for problems and how to perform self-examinations. Normal findings, what can go wrong and why, and screening tests involved will all be discussed in detail.

Testicular Cancer

Urinary Tract Health, Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Information

Student Health Insurance

Eastern New Mexico University does not endorse a specific student health insurance company, but for your convenience, some companies that offer Student Health Insurance are listed below. International Students will need to review health insurance requirements on the enrollment webpage for International Students, or email [email protected] for more information

Student Health Insurance for All Students, Including International Students:

Student Health Insurance for International Students Only:

Student Health Insurance for International Students and US Students Going Abroad: