ENMU Alumni Email Account Request

When you attend ENMU, you receive an @enmu.edu email address you use throughout your time as a student. As a Greyhound Grad, you have the opportunity to use your @enmu.edu email address long after you graduate. Having an ENMU email address is handy if you ever need to log into the MyENMU Portal, which gives you access to your grade history and other information ENMU has on file from your days as an ENMU student.

If you graduated from Eastern and you do not have an @enmu.edu email address, you can request one using the form below.

Disclaimer: ENMU seeks to make access to basic computing available to all students, faculty, staff, alumni and campus affiliates who agree to abide by University policies and who agree to use the systems, network and related equipment responsibly. The University's first commitment is to our students, faculty and staff. Approval of your alumnus email account will be contingent on the University's ability to first meet the needs of its academic community.

Review our Computer Use Policy at enmu.edu/ComputerUse >