Hound Waves Student Radio

If you are interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting, announcing, audio production, station management, engineering or public relations, our student-run Internet radio station Hound Waves gives you a way to get professional, marketable hands-on experience.

Although Hound Waves is managed completely by current ENMU students, our volunteer ranks are also open to ENMU alumni, faculty and staff, all of whom contribute to the station as on-air DJs. You can get involved, whether it be as a DJ, station manager, program director or other volunteer position.

Hound Waves is the broadcast voice of students at ENMU, who have a vested interest in maintaining a viable college radio station that can enhance the student experience as well as contribute to a sense of community here on campus. As a student, Hound Waves allows you to connect with members of the local and campus community by streaming news, informational and musical programming over the Internet. Hound Waves also provides an alternate source of music, talk and community radio programming that listeners can't find on commercial radio stations (especially in the geographic location where ENMU is located).

Hound Waves Broadcast

Listeners can go to the Hound Waves site and listen to the streaming audio from any desktop computer with Internet access. As an added benefit, because Hound Waves is Internet-based, if you are on campus, even if you are from other areas of the country or the world, you'll also have a way for your family and friends to tune in to what's going on at Eastern.

Hound Waves Student Radio Website

For More Information Contact

Dr. Darrell Roe
Advisor to Student Radio; Department of Communication, Associate Professor of Communication
Office Location: Communication Center (COM), Room 103
Phone: 575.562.2415