The ENMU Police Department (ENMUPD) is a full-service law enforcement agency and is open 24-7. The ENMUPD functions like most law enforcement agencies and is similar to a municipal police department for a city of approximately 15,000 people. ENMU police officers have law enforcement authority on all property owned, operated or controlled by ENMU throughout the state of New Mexico. Certified ENMU police officers also have concurrent jurisdictional authority in some neighboring areas under mutual aid agreements and/or cross commissioning. The ENMUPD strives to facilitate and maintain positive and productive working relationships with all surrounding local, state and federal agencies.

The primary functions of the ENMUPD are law enforcement, criminal investigations and emergency response. Another major role of the department is the crime prevention and public education programs. These programs include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
  • Traffic Safety Issues
  • Community Policing
  • Crime Reduction and Prevention
  • Self Defense and Defensive Tactics

Programs can be scheduled at the request of any on-campus and most off-campus groups or organizations. Program and course requests are tailored for the needs of each audience. If you are interested in scheduling one of our programs, please contact us at 575.562.2392.

Our Staff

The ENMU Police Department employs a chief of police, administrative secretary, seven full-time sworn and commissioned police officers and several student staff members.

Police Officers

All police officers employed by ENMU are certified law enforcement officers for the state of New Mexico or must be certified within one year of their employment. All ENMU police officers are required to successfully complete the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy which is facilitated by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. Our officers are also required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of advanced law enforcement training every two years to maintain their police officer certifications.

ENMU Student Employment at the ENMUPD

If you are a criminal justice major, you have the opportunity to get valuable hands-on experience to help you be successful for a future law enforcement career. We have two types of positions available for students who are interested in law enforcement.

Student Security Officers

Our student security officers are trained in the observation and reporting of suspicious activity. If you work for the ENMUPD in this capacity, you act as an extra set of eyes, work special events and conduct patrols. You also have the ability to enforce ENMU parking and administrative regulations.

Student Administrative Assistant

Our student administrative assistants play an integral role in the ENMUPD’s record keeping. When you are an administrative assistant with the ENMUPD, your duties will include taking care of the paperwork aspect of law enforcement.

If you are interested in gaining student employment at the ENMUPD, contact us at 575.562.2392 for more information.

Communicate with Us

If you've had interaction with a staff member of the ENMU Police Department, we'd like to hear from you about your experience. Please fill out our ENMUPD Complaint or Commendation Form

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For More Information

Department of Public Safety
ENMU Station 55
229 S Ave K (3rd St and S Ave K)
Portales, NM 88130
Phone: 575.562.2392

For emergencies, please call 911.