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You need to make satisfactory academic progress in order to continue receiving federal student aid. In other words, you have to make good enough grades, and complete enough classes (credits, hours, etc.), to keep moving toward successfully completing your degree or certificate in a time period that's acceptable to your school.

Satisfactory academic progress standards (SAP) are measured at the end of each semester to ensure students receiving Title IV Federal Student Aid funds – Grants, Work-Study, and Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans – are meeting both quantitative (pace of completion) and qualitative (grade) requirements:

  1. Completion Rate – Attempted hours should be completed
  2. GPA – Grades earned should be sufficient to apply to degree or certificate plan
  3. Maximum Time Frame – Degree program must be completed in a timely manner

Following is the policy used by Eastern New Mexico University in compliance with federal regulations to determine if you are meeting SAP and should be considered to receive Title IV federal student aid:

SAP Requirements

DegreePace/Completion RateGPAOverall Maximum Time Frame
2-Year Certificate 67% 2.0 56 attempted hours
Associate 67% 2.0 106 attempted hours
Bachelor's 67% 2.0 196 attempted hours
Second Bachelor's 67% 2.5 196 attempted hours
Teacher Certification* 67% 3.0 30 attempted hours
Preparatory Leveling* --- --- 1 calendar year
Master's 67% 3.0 70 attempted hours
Second Master's 67% 3.0 70 attempted hours

Cumulative Completion Rate

This is the percentage of work you've successfully completed at all post-secondary institutions. All attendance including remedial coursework, repeated coursework, and periods when you did not receive federal student aid are counted in the total hours attempted and other SAP rules.

Completion Rate = Cumulative Hours Passed / Cumulative Hours Attempted
Example: 72 Passed / 85 Attempted = 84%

Cumulative GPA

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) earned on coursework at all post-secondary institutions.

Maximum Time Frame

Maximum Time Frame is calculated as 150 percent of the hours necessary to complete the degree program and includes all attempted hours from all post-secondary institutions. Title IV Federal Student Aid expires when you appear to lack more hours than you can complete within the maximum time frame limit for your degree program. You will begin to be monitored when you reach 120 percent of the hours necessary to complete your program. Once you lack more hours than can be completed before reaching the maximum time frame limit, you may request extension of federal student aid by following the procedure for reinstatement of financial aid which includes submitting a Petition for Reinstatement, an Academic Success Action Plan (ASAP) and a current Degree Plan Checklist or CAPP Degree Evaluation Report. If you are granted an extension, you must complete only the hours listed on your ASAP and all attempted hours must be completed with the GPA required by your program. If you are pursuing a second bachelor’s degree or second master’s degree, you must petition for reinstatement and should thoroughly explain and document the need for the subsequent degree including any extreme mitigating circumstances.

*Teacher Certification and *Preparatory Leveling

Teacher Certification applies to you if you already have a bachelor’s degree and are returning for certification only. Preparatory Leveling applies to you if you already have a bachelor’s degree but must complete undergraduate prerequisite courses before enrolling in an eligible program. Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “B” or above for you to continue receiving federal student aid funds for one calendar year.

Grade Calculation and Completion

Grades of "F," "I," "U" and "W" are considered unsuccessful completion of the course and count against your completion rate and maximum time frame calculations. Grade of "S" will count as work completed and will be counted as successful completion of the course. Since no grade point is given for the grade, it is not calculated into the GPA. Successful completion of the term is defined as completion of all attempted hours with grades sufficient to satisfy the degree plan checklist. Title IV federal student aid funds may be awarded once for a previously passed course.

ENMU Financial Aid SAP Status

Once grades are posted at the end of each semester, financial aid SAP status will be updated for the next term for those students who are registered and have a current FAFSA. You will be assigned a new status based on the semester's results:

SAP Status

Academic ProgressStatusResult
Meeting Completion Rate and GPA Eligible: Meeting SAP Policy Eligible
First Failure Completion Rate and/or GPA Warning: Meet SAP by Next Term 1 Semester Provisional Eligibility
Second Failure Completion Rate and/or GPA Ineligible – Rate/GPA Not Eligible
May Exceed Maximum Time Frame Ineligible – May Exceed Max Time Not Eligible
Exceed Maximum Time Frame Ineligible – Over Max Time Limit Not Eligible
Approved Petition/Academic Plan Probation/Follow Plan 1 Semester Provisional Eligibility

You may review your financial aid academic progress online by accessing the MyENMU Portal and following links to the financial aid area. If you are a student with Provisional Eligibility – don’t waste this opportunity to prove you can make successful progress! You will lose Title IV Federal Student Aid funding eligibility and have to pay for classes on your own until meeting the SAP requirements or completing a successful reinstatement request.


The Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee will review written requests for reinstatement from students who have extreme mitigating circumstances which prevented them from complying with the SAP Policy. Mitigating circumstances are defined as unanticipated and unavoidable events beyond your control. In-person reviews will be offered to you following the committee’s denial. Petitions for Reinstatement will not be accepted beyond the ninth week of each semester. Contact ENMU Office of Financial Aid at 575.562.2194 for more information.

Academic Standing

Academic Progress maintained by the Office of Financial Aid is not the same as Academic Standing which is maintained by the Office of the Registrar. You must be academically eligible and registered at ENMU before written requests concerning Academic Progress will be reviewed.

This policy may change at any time with proper approval. Updated 12/2016