Department Assessment

Who takes it?
Each discipline has an assessment plan that stipulates the type of evaluation used to measure the student learning outcomes of the major. These assessment instruments can include surveys, tests, capstone experiences, and portfolios (to mention a few.)

When is it administered?
At various times during the students progress as determined by faculty in the discipline.

How long does it take for the student to complete the instrument?
This depends on the type of assessment.

What type of information is sought?
Each discipline establishes specific learning outcomes for that discipline. The assessment relates to general knowledge in the major. In some cases, the instrument provides information on analytical, writing, quantitative and verbal skills.

What office administers it?
The faculty in the discipline

Who originates the assessment instruments?
Depends on the instrument

When are results typically available?
Each fall in the discipline Assessment Plan/Reports.

From whom are the results available?
The faculty of the discipline or the department office and/or Assessment Resource Office.

Are the results available by division or discipline?
Yes, by discipline only.

Are the results comparable to data of other universities?
Depends on instrument; national standardized test are comparable.