Safety Instructions

So we may better serve you and protect the safety of our students, please remember:

  • Only children who are enrolled may attend the class.
  • Children dependent on another individual for transportation to and from class must be escorted to and from the classroom by the responsible adult. If the class is held outdoors, the child must be brought to the instructor's immediate area by the responsible adult.
  • A parent, guardian or designated adult must pick the child up within 15 minutes of the scheduled end of the class.
  • If the child has not been picked up within 15 minutes, the instructor will call the parent or guardian. If unable to contact the parent or guardian, the instructor will call the responsible adult designated by the parent or guardian.
  • If the instructor cannot reach the designated adult or parent or guardian, and the child still has not been picked up within 20 minutes of the scheduled end of the class, then the instructor will contact the ENMU Police Department department (562.2392 or 760.2945).
  • Enrollments are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Space in a class cannot be held without payment of registration fee.
  • All fees must be paid when registering, unless otherwise stated in the course description.
  • Refunds are based on percentage of attendance.
  • The ENMU Children's Release and Medical Consent Form must be completed before class begins for students under the age of 18 years.
  • Completion of a more detailed registration form is required for enrollment in Kids' College. This form, available from Distance Education and Outreach in Education 102 will be provided at the time of registration. The form can be faxed upon request to parents or guardians.