Acquiring Theses and Dissertations

I. If you have not yet placed an ILL request for a thesis or dissertation, first consult the free digital thesis and dissertation sites, below. More libraries are adding more digitized content every year. If you have already placed an ILL request for a thesis or dissertation and we have been unable to obtain it for you, try the free sites, as well as the other alternatives.

Free Thesis and Dissertation Sites:

II. If you are unable to locate a free source for your thesis or dissertation, and you haven't placed an ILL request yet, do so now. Be advised that it is very difficult to obtain theses and dissertations through ILL, because they are usually located at one library only and are generally non-circulating.

III. If we are unable to obtain a thesis or dissertation, check the citation to see what university library has the thesis or dissertation. If available at UNM, NMSU, Texas Tech, West Texas A&M, or some other location you are willing to drive to, it may be worth your while to visit the library and scan/photocopy what you need. If you are headed to another NM academic library, Portales campus students and faculty may want to pick up a "Passport" at the Circulation Desk beforehand. It takes only a moment to get one and there is no charge. The Passport will let you check out circulating material at other NM libraries. Distance education students and off-campus faculty may call 575.562.2644 or email Michele Wood to request a Passport.

IV. If all else fails, try ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Express. The library does not purchase theses or dissertations, but if you locate it there, you can purchase it with a credit card (most cost $29-35.) In some cases, you’ll be able to view the first 24 pages free of charge to determine whether you want to purchase it.