Jack Williamson and ENMU

Jack WilliamsonAuthor Jack Williamson, often referred to as the "Dean of Science Fiction," published cutting-edge science fiction for nearly eight decades before his death in 2006. A Hugo and Nebula Award winner, he was named a Grand Master of Science Fiction by the Science Fiction Writers of America.

He was a faculty member for 17 years at Eastern New Mexico University, where his legacy of writing and teaching continues.



  • The Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library, started with donations from Jack in 1967, now ranks as one of the world’s leading science fiction collections.
  • The Williamson Lectureship, held annually since 1977, brings noted science fiction authors to Portales for presentations, panels and special events.
  • The Williamson Endowed Chair underwrites visiting faculty, speakers and performers.
  • El Portal, the literary magazine at Eastern New Mexico University, is published
    with an endowment from Williamson.
  • A bronze bust of the author, a gift of Mr. Huo Baozhu of Xi'an, China in 2004, is installed in front of the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building, renamed in Williamson's honor in 1995.
  • Williamson endowed ENMU scholarships for students in English and modern languages as well as science and the humanities.


Dr. Patrice Caldwell
Executive Director, Planning and Analysis
Eastern New Mexico University