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ENMU Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to these general questions, we have special sections of questions just for incoming freshmen and for transfer students.

General Admission Questions

What is ENMU's application deadline?

You should apply for admission at least 30 days before the start of your first semester, but you don't have to wait. We recommend that you apply online as soon as possible.

What are the application requirements?

Along with your application, you need to submit your ACT or SAT test scores and official transcripts (high school or college).

Do I have to pay an application fee?

No. Applying to ENMU is free.

How long will it take to find out if I've been admitted?

If you complete your application with all required information, it takes two to three days to process. We will mail an acceptance letter within the working week.

Do I need to submit references or write an essay for my application? Is there an interview?

ENMU doesn't require references, essays or interviews for admission.

Do I have to take a physical exam to be admitted?

You don't have to take a physical to be admitted to ENMU. If you're an athlete, check with your coaches for team requirements.

Can I take a tour of the campus?

To see ENMU firsthand, schedule a campus visit. You can be our guest for a guided tour of campus, eat in the Crossroads dining hall and meet our faculty/professors. Tours are offered weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. It's best to schedule two weeks in advance. Call Enrollment Services at 575.562.2178 or 800.FOR.ENMU (800.367.3668) or schedule a campus tour online.

Does ENMU offer academic scholarships?

You could qualify for up to $3,000 in freshman academic scholarships based on your national ACT score. Scholarships range from $500 a year for a 20 ACT score (940 SAT) to $3,000 for an ACT score above 30 or SAT score above 1320.

This can add up to $12,000 over and above the Starter and Lottery scholarships that pay your tuition if you graduate from a New Mexico high school and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

Out-of-state students also qualify for these academic scholarships. Many other scholarships are offered through the ENMU Foundation.

I live in Texas. Do I qualify for in-state tuition?

Texas students who live within 135 miles of Eastern qualify for in-state tuition rates. Check to see if your hometown is on the Texas 135 list.

Incoming Freshmen

Does ENMU have a preview day for high school students?

Each fall, ENMU hosts the Green and Silver View for high school seniors and Kickback with the Greyhound Pack for juniors. High school students can tour the campus and learn about academic programs, scholarships, financial aid, student services and social activities.

What is the required GPA? Will I get credit for honors classes?

You need a GPA of at least 2.5 to be admitted to ENMU. High school honors classes are given extra weight. Eastern's Honors Program has no minimum GPA but students must have an ACT score of at least 25 or SAT score of at least 1130 to be invited to join.

What is the minimum ACT or SAT score for admission?

You need an ACT score of at least 17 or an SAT score of at least 810 to be admitted to ENMU.

Does Eastern accept the General Education Diploma (GED)?

Yes. However, for regular admission, you must also submit an ACT score of at least 17 or an SAT score of at least 810.

Will ENMU accept home schooled students or students with a diploma from an unaccredited private high school?

Yes. You need a composite ACT score of at least 17 or an SAT score of at least 810 for regular admission.

What happens if I send in two or more sets of SAT/ACT scores?

We will take the highest ACT or SAT scores you submit.

Can I get credit for AP courses or CLEP exams?

Students may earn credit from Advance Placement (AP) Examinations by scoring at least a 3. Credit may be awarded to beginning freshmen who complete AP examinations before full-time enrollment at ENMU in Portales. AP credit will be accepted for transfer students as recorded on official transcripts. See pages 29 and 30 of our online catalog for more information and also to see which courses can be granted AP credit.

Students may earn 3 credit hours in the English and social studies/history areas and six credit hours in the humanities and math areas for scores at or above the 50th percentile on examinations. To see more information about CLEP testing and which courses can be granted credit from CLEP exams, visit our CLEP webpage and/or see pages 29 and 31 of our online catalog.

For further questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 575.562.2175.

What classes should I take in high school to be ready for college?

ENMU strongly recommends that you take these high school core classes (regular or accelerated):

  • English — four years
  • Science — two years
  • Mathematics — three years
  • Social Studies — two years

Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?

Yes. When you register your car with ENMU Police Department, you'll get a free parking sticker.

Transfer Students

What are the transfer admission requirements?

You need a college GPA of at least 2.0 for regular admission. If you have fewer than 30 hours of college credit, you also need a high school GPA of 2.5 or ACT of 17 or SAT of 810.

Does Eastern offer scholarships for transfer students?

Yes. Check the list of transfer student scholarships or call Enrollment Services at 575.562.2178 or toll-free 800.FOR.ENMU.

If I made a D in a course at another college, will it transfer?

You can transfer the credit but it won't count toward requirements for your major or minor.

What is the difference between a semester and a quarter system?

Eastern operates on a semester system. Quarter systems have more sessions per year than semester systems. Because quarter system sessions are shorter, credit hours count for fewer hours if you transfer.

Quarter hours Semester hours
0.5 0.33
1 0.66
2 1.33
3 2.0
4 2.66
4.5 3.0
5 3.33
6 4
7 4.66
8 5.33