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Cheyenne Hart’s experience at Eastern New Mexico University changed her outlook on life and her interactions with others. “I have become more confident in myself and what I have to say over the course of my attendance, thanks to the classes that Eastern provides and the unique teachers that work there,” she said. “Eastern provides a welcoming atmosphere that encourages people to grow and expand their minds.” She is majoring in early childhood education with an emphasis in birth to pre-k and hopes to graduate in the fall of 2018. Cheyenne was born and raised in Portales, New Mexico, with her siblings: two older sisters, two younger brothers and a younger sister.

Her mom, Becky, currently does home health care, while her dad, Marcus, works as head mechanic on the ENMU campus. Her life growing up was “wonderful” because she always got along with her siblings and enjoyed playing with other kids her age in the neighborhood.

“There was always something to do or going on,” she said.

She earned her GED in 2012, when she was 16, after being homeschooled.

The senior was shy when first attending college and struggled to communicate with others. She gradually changed her perspectives due to the people surrounding her.

“I would not have been able to achieve as much as I have without the wonderful people at Eastern that have helped me along the way,” she said. Cheyenne particularly liked her advisors because of their knowledge on the services ENMU provides and their informative advice on degree plans. Outside of the classroom, she has volunteers in the digital filmmaking department by creating costumes for student-made films. She has been a member of Fusion Funk, creating sets and costumes for participants. In her free-time, Cheyenne likes doing nearly all types of crafting. She also enjoys reading books and articles and watching videos on YouTube.

According to the childhood education major, her ultimate goal is to develop young minds into intelligent adults with creative thoughts and aspirations while being a teacher. “If my students become successful and happy in life then my goals have been met,” she said. She is also interested in doing home evaluations and interventions for kids with special needs. Aside from academics, she hopes to maintain good family ties while starting a family of her own someday. Because of her advice, her younger brother will attend Eastern in the fall.




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