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Frequently asked questions about registration and declaring your majors

I'm a new freshman student, and I'm cleared for admission but have not registered. What do I do now?

  1. Call the Advising Center at 575.562.2338 to schedule an advising appointment.

During your advising appointment, you and an advisor will

  • discuss any college class work that you have completed
  • register for your classes and discuss your academic future at ENMU
  • learn how to use the resources that the university has at your disposal
  • compile your "degree plan checklist" or use CAPP, that you and an advisor will use to plan your classes each semester until you declare your major.
  1. After your advising appointment, you will visit other offices on campus to learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities, housing options, student accounts and get your student ID.


You are required to have all transcripts on file prior to advising. The Advising Center recommends that you bring an extra copy of your final official high school transcript and information about Advanced Placement (AP) or other precollege credit to your appointment. Ask what materials we might need when you make your appointment.


I am a new Transfer student, and I am cleared for admission but have not registered. What do I do now?

  1. Call the Transfer Center at 575-562-2856 to schedule an advising appointment.
  2. Transfer students who are interested in Aviation Science and Emergency Management are recommended to declare their major immediately at for special academic advising.
  3. Transfer students who are interested in Nursing must contact the Nursing Department at 575-562-2773 to apply to the Nursing Program. Students must have a Registered Nursing license to major in Nursing at ENMU.

I am a current undergraduate student but have not declared my major. What do I do?


I am a current student, and I am ready to declare my major. What do I do?

If you are ready to declare your major, please complete the declaration of major request. You will receive instructions to review your CAPP degree evaluation and sent to your department to assign your faculty advisor. You will receive a notice at your ENMU email account.

If you are unsure about your major, Counseling and Career Services offers career planning assistance. You can also research ENMU's majors and programs online before you make your decision. If you have questions about a degree plan or classes required for a particular degree, discuss the degree program with an academic advisor in the discipline before declaring a major.

Frequently asked questions about degree planning at ENMU

What is a degree evaluation (CAPP)?

  • CAPP is the acronym for Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning and it tracks a student's progress toward completion of their degree requirements. CAPP is an unofficial evaluation to be used as a tool for you and your advisor to check your progress toward graduation.
  • CAPP searches through in-progress courses, transfer credit, and courses taken at ENMU Portales to find courses that match the degree requirements.
  • CAPP is broken down into areas that include the Core Curriculum/General Education Requirements, your Major and Minor Area requirements, Major GPA, Major Residency, Electives, and additional degree requirements.
  • CAPP will list hours still required and give a selection of courses that would fulfill that requirement.


Who can use the degree evaluation?

The degree evaluation can be used by faculty, students, and administrative staff.

General Education requirements (Fall 2009+) catalogs are available for all majors. Major requirements will appear as they become available.


When can I view my evaluation?

Your evaluation can be generated and viewed at any time, using the Portal. There is 24/7 access to the system.

How to access your degree evaluation plan electronically:

  1. Log in to My ENMU Portal (
  2. Click on the SSB icon under the Launch Pad.
  3. Click on the My Information tab.
  4. Scroll down and under Course on the left hand side of the page click on 'Degree Evaluation'.
  5. Select the current term and submit. You should see your current program.
  6. Click 'Generate New Evaluation' (If you have not yet declared your major, you can use the What If Analysis).
  7. Select your program and click 'Generate Request'.
  8. Done!

It is very important to ensure that your program that populated in step 5 above is correct. If you plan to add a minor/concentration and/or change your major/degree/catalog you must complete the declaration form to get this information updated on your student record. The declaration of major form can be found at


Why should I use CAPP?

CAPP degree evaluation is a tool that can be used to assist with advising and/or to verify completed graduation requirements. Ideally, you should check the CAPP degree evaluation at the end of each term to verify the progress of your degree requirements and also when registering for future terms.

CAPP degree evaluation is a tool that should be used with your advisor(s) to monitor your academic progress. CAPP is not a replacement for advising.


What are upper-division hours?

These are classes numbered 300 or higher. Most degrees require you to complete at least 40 upper-division hours. Check your degree requirements to verify the upper-division requirement for your major. Upper-division requirements are listed on your CAPP degree evaluation or in the catalog along with the total number of hours required.


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