Once you've been awarded your Associate of Science in Social Work at Amarillo College, you can use the program outlined below to earn your Bachelor of Social Work at ENMU. Please keep in mind ENMU bachelor's degrees (including BFA, BA, BM and BS) require a minimum of 120 hours, with at least 40 of those being upper-division (3XX or 4XX) courses.

This degree is available online.

AS in Social Work (2015-16) to a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) (2015-17)

Amarillo College


AS in Social Work


ENMU Required Courses

Upper-Division Diversity/Global Course 3
SWK 311 Social Work Practice I - Individuals 3
SWK 312 Social Work Practice II - Families 3
SWK 321 Human Behavior (HBSE) I 3
SWK 322 Human Behavior (HBSE) II 3
SWK 334 Introduction to Social Research 3
SWK 341 Social Welfare Policy I 3
SWK 345 Working with Aging Populations 3
SWK 349 Perspectives in Mental Health 3
SWK 361 Preparation for Field Placement 3
SWK 413 Social Work Practice III - Small Groups 3
SWK 414 Social Work Practice IV - Communities 3
SWK 416 Public Child Welfare 3
SWK 425 Southwest Peoples and Cultures 3
SWK 444 Social Welfare Policy II 3
SWK 451 Field Seminar I 3
SWK 455 Field Placement I 3
SWK 461 Field Seminar II 3
SWK 465 Field Placement II 3
SWK 498 Senior Seminar 3
Other Elective Courses
(you'll take electives as needed to meet any remaining credit hour requirements)

Bachelor's Degree Total Credit Hours: 120

For More Information

ENMU Department of Health and Human Services, Social Work
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Phone: 575.562.4226
Toll-Free: 800.FOR.ENMU (800.367.3668)

Amarillo College Advising Center
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