Once you've been awarded your Associate of Science in Biology at Amarillo College, you can use the program outlined below to earn your Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology (EEOB) at ENMU. Please keep in mind every ENMU bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 120 hours, with at least 40 of those being upper-division (3XX or 4XX) courses.

This degree is not available online.

AS in Biology, EEOB Emphasis (2015-16) to a BS in Biology, EEOB Emphasis (2015-17)

Amarillo College (60 hours)

Associate Degree Requirements


AS in Biology, EEOB Emphasis

For a smooth transition to ENMU, please ensure the courses you've taken for your AS in Biology at Amarillo College include the following; these classes are required as part of the ENMU curriculum in order to follow the degree program outlined on this page.

  • MATH 1325 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences OR MATH 1342 Statistics OR MATH 2413 Calculus I
  • PHYS 2425 Principles of Physics I (Lab Included)
  • PHYS 2426 Principles of Physics II (Lab Included)
  • BIOL 1411 (Lab Included)

ENMU Required Courses

ENMU Major Requirements

Upper-Division Diversity/Global Course 3
BIOL 222 Cell Biology 3
BIOL 303 General Ecology 3
BIOL 304/L Genetics 4
BIOL 306/L General Microbiology 4
BIOL 492 Undergraduate Seminar and Assessment 3
CHEM 341/L Organic Chemistry I 4

ENMU Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology (EEOB) Emphasis Area Requirements (Minimum 24 hours)

BIOL 216/L General Botany 4
BIOL 300/L Invertebrate Zoology 4
BIOL 303/L General Ecology 4
BIOL 305 Evolution and Systematics 3
BIOL 460 Landscape Ecology and GIS 3
One Vertebrate Biology Course 3
One Specialty Course 3
Elective Courses
(you'll take electives as needed to meet any remaining credit hour requirements remaining)

Bachelor's Degree Total Credit Hours: 120

For More Information

ENMU Department of Biology
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Phone: 575.562.2936
Toll-Free: 800.FOR.ENMU (800.367.3668)

Amarillo College Advising Center
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