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This Admissions Scholarship application is for first-year students and transfer students. When you submit this application, you are applying for the following scholarships and waivers (you only need to apply one time to apply all that apply to your situation).

To be considered for any of the Admissions Scholarships or waivers shown below, you must complete and submit this application by our priority deadline of Aug. 1 for the fall semester, or Jan. 3 for the spring semester.

In-State Freshman

If you're an in-state freshman, by submitting this application, you're applying for:

  • New Mexico Freshman Academic Scholarship
  • ENMU Foundation Starter Scholarship
  • New Mexico Scholar Scholarship

Out-of-State Freshman

If you're an out-of-state freshman, by submitting this application, you're applying for:

  • Freshman Academic Scholarship
  • Freshman Competitive Waiver
  • Colorado Scholar Tuition Waiver

Transfer Students

If you're a transfer student, by submitting this application, you're applying for:

  • Transfer Academic Scholarship
  • Transfer Competitive Waiver
  • Transfer Colorado Scholar Tuition Waiver
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

If you are looking for an Application for Admission to ENMU, be sure to check the application process that applies to your situation. You must apply and be admitted to ENMU before you are eligible to receive an Admissions Scholarship.

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Please note: this form is not an Undergraduate Application for Admission.

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