Presidential Residence (PR)

presidents residence

In 1973, Dr. Charles Meister, the fourth President of the University, moved to 1600 W Cherry St. with his family. Since then, the Armstrongs, Mathenys, Bonds, Frosts, Gambles, and now Elwells have resided in the brick, ranch house.

The University acquired the house and surrounding 40 acres in 1968 from Paul and Betsy Freeman, who built the home. It was originally the residence of Dallan Sanders, who at the time was the director of Housing. The property has hosted many gatherings, including the Burying of Beef Alumni Event, which started in 1977.

In the early 1990s during Dr. Frost's tenure, an addition was built that increased the square footage to approximately 5,000 square feet.

Before 1973, the University had three prior presidential residences: 1500 S. Ave. A (1965-1973), 1532 West 17th Lane (1960-1965), and 227 S. Ave. K (unknown-1960 – the current site of the Kappa Sigma fraternity house). The purpose of the presidential residence is to allow the president to live close to the University and to help further all ENMU goals by providing a welcoming space for students, staff, alumni and friends.