Eastern New Mexico University Education Bulding
ENMU College of Education and Technology

The Eastern New Mexico University College of Education and Technology received a B rating on the Educator Preparation Program Scorecard from the New Mexico Public Education Department. This is a revised report card based on feedback from all of the deans across the state.

The rating is measured by admissions, candidate promise, hiring and retention and graduate performance in the classroom. ENMU scored 147.10 out of 180 possible points.

"I'm delighted to see that the NMPED recognizes the value of an ENMU teacher education degree," says Dr. Jeff Elwell, president of ENMU-Portales. "It's clear from my discussions with superintendents around the state that they believe Eastern provides their schools with well-educated and quality instructors."

The ENMU College of Education and Technology prepares teachers who are confident in their skills, committed to their profession and dedicated to their communities.

Program standards are high and students are mentored by full-time faculty committed to their success. Highly valued by districts, CET graduates go on to teach across New Mexico, neighboring Texas and across the southwest.

To learn more about the ENMU College of Education and Technology, visit enmu.edu/CET.