Meet Heather Randolph

Meet Heather Randolph

Heather Randolph is a new speech-language-pathology professor. Read about her in the Greyhound Gazette. #ENMU #ENMUNEWS

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Brought to Portales by her husband's assignment to Cannon Air Force Base, Heather traded the red and black colors of Valdosta State University for the green and silver of ENMU.

With a master's in communicative disorders, she has found a home amongst the Greyhound community as an instructor.

As fall semester has taken its course, this young professor has made her mark. During her days she helps supervise at the Heartland Continuing Care Center and at night she focuses on conquering her SLPD (Speech-Language Pathology Doctorate) classes online. Every day, Heather finds herself busy with work; however, with spring right around the corner, she will be faced with more as she takes her turn at the head of the classroom.

In her role, she feels like there are many opportunities to expand and challenge the minds of her students. Although this will be a new and unfamiliar adventure, she is ready to face it head on. With the objective of critical thinking at the head of her ship, Heather believes she will find success.

Although the office walls of ENMU are a part of her daily life, she spends her spare time with her husband, Deavan, and her 5-year-old daughter, Tenley, exploring the unknown. With New Mexico being new terrain, she and her family have found many new discoveries.

Heather believes that the borders of Portales and the welcome sign that reads "17,000 friendly people and three or four old grouches" has a lot to offer. The isolation of this small town does not intimidate her. She believes that this quaint community has much to offer.

"I have learned through my travels," Heather said, "that a place is what you make of it. At the end of the day, attitude is key."

This is the mindset that Heather has brought forth in her little time at ENMU. She hopes that there will be many opportunities for her to not only teach her students but also for her to learn from them. In her heart, she understands that this will not be an easy road; however, with the strength of her family and her unwillingness to fail, she hopes to discover success at ENMU.

It is her optimism and hard work that makes Heather a great fit for the Eastern Greyhound family.