ENMU Student's Passion for Animal Conservation Leads to Master's Degree in Biology

Brittany Pulcini with group

ENMU Student's Passion for Animal Conservation Leads to Master's Degree in Biology

Brittany Pulcini is a graduate student at Eastern New Mexico University, currently earning her master's in Biology. Brittany is from Tucumcari, New Mexico, and felt that Eastern was "close to where she lived, more affordable, and it was the best choice." Brittany was always interested in science and "learning about the world we live in and how it changes." She hopes to help increase the population of animals and better educate the public on animals that are seen as aggressive or hostile. Pulcini loves all animals and doesn't have a specific species she wants to study as long as she can help the animals.

brittany pulciniDr. Filbrun and Dr. Molly, as well as high school science teacher Andrea Rinestien, were instructors that helped Brittany throughout school. Pulcini wants to work with animal conservation in zoos and aquariums, watching the animal's behaviors to increase population. Brittany's goal is to bring awareness and to better educate the public about animals that get a bad reputation. Brittany recommends that all students interested in her field of study take the chance of going and working in the field. She explains that it is a great way to get hands-on experience and learn more about how field research works. Brittany said that the hardest part about working in the field is getting permission to conduct the study and to be allowed access to land. However, once on the field, Brittany explained that it feels very rewarding.

Brittany was recently awarded a New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI) grant of $7,455. With this grant money, she will conduct research on the stressors of fish that get caught in isolated pools of water. The NM WRRI supports research on water in New Mexico for graduate and undergraduate students.

Brittany said her favorite part of being a Greyhound is having a personal connection with professors and staff. Pulcini's favorite part of campus is the Golden Student Success Center because it is a great place to study for her exams. Brittany said that she enjoys that Eastern is a smaller school and she didn't have to navigate a larger city. When Brittany isn't working on a study or out in the field, she is a circus performer in the Clovis Circus Troop. Brittany said, "I love it, I do hula hooping, Poi, and silk fans." Circus performing allows Brittany to tap into her creative side and work on new skills outside of the classroom.