The Master of Science in Biology degree offers you a combination of advanced study in general biology and specialization in an area tailored to your interests. If you are a thesis student (Plan A), you'll pursue an advanced original research project with your advisor to demonstrate mastery in a biological discipline. This will prepare you to enter doctoral and professional school programs. If you are a non-thesis student (Plan B), you should pursue a degree intended as a terminal degree if you are in professions such as teaching, administration and policy making in the life sciences.

Specific Requirements

Preliminary Examination

We will assess your writing skills and knowledge of general biology prior to or during your first month of enrollment. ENMU recommends you complete the ETS OR GRE subject test as part of your application for this program. Having this information prior to your starting the program of study will enable your advisory committee to develop a suitable degree plan for you.

Required Courses

You are required to take 24 course credits and 6 thesis credits under the thesis plan or 32 credits under the non-thesis plan. A minimum of 50 percent of the degree plan will be composed of graduate (500)-only courses (not 400/500). These credits must be in biology or a related field and must include the following:

Core Courses


BIOL 513 Conservation Biology


BIOL 528 Biotechnology


BIOL 562 Evolution


BIOL 582 Biological Literature


BIOL 592 Graduate Seminar


Statistics Courses

You must demonstrate a knowledge of statistics by taking statistics classes or equivalent academic training. Statistics courses you'll need to complete to fill this requirement:

STAT 500 Statistical Analysis I 3
STAT 513 Statistical Analysis II 3

Research Methods Courses

Complete the following.

BIOL 599 Master's Thesis (thesis plan only) 3
BIOL 579 Individual Research (non-thesis plan only) 3

Education Courses (Non-thesis plan only)

You must take two graduate courses (six credits minimum) from the College of Education and Technology. These courses must be chosen with consultation and approval from your graduate committee.

Written Final Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive examination is used to assess your knowledge in your area of emphasis. This examination will be taken in your final semester of enrollment.

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Graduate Coordinator

Matthew Barlow

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