If you want to be fluent in a universal language, you should consider a mathematics bachelor's degree. At ENMU, we tailor your four-year degree program in mathematics to emphasize theoretical mathematics, applied mathematics, teaching of mathematics, statistics, or industrial mathematics and statistics, depending on your interest area. ENMU has both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts options available for this degree.

Mathematics Faculty

The small class sizes for the mathematics courses you'll take at Eastern will give you the opportunity to really get to know your professors.Our faculty members are invested in your success and you'll receive the personal attention you need to be successful on campus or online. Department of Mathematical Sciences has established a reputable record with respect to student success.

Learning Format for Mathematics Coursework

Our bachelor's in mathematics is designed to be completed 100% online. You'll be completing reading, homework, tests and presentations each semester, with due dates and course schedules depending on what course(s) you take. Mathematics class lectures are recorded and available with Mediasite via Blackboard. Recorded lectures allow you to connect with your professors and other students on your own time, rather than having to be at the computer at a specific time.

When it comes to your general education requirements (that all students in every major have to take), student participation will vary by course and will either be completed at your convenience or you’ll need to be on your computer during the actual class time. Our faculty will help you find the courses that will work best for you and your schedule.

  • Course sections where recorded and live lectures via Mediasite connect you with professors and other students on your own time are labeled “AW.”
  • Courses where participation with the professor, other online students and students attending the in-person class on campus is required in real-time are labeled, “SW.”
  • Courses that are completely online and offered through Blackboard, with no recorded lecture or in-person students are labeled “WW.”

Advising for Mathematics Majors

We are committed to helping you complete your degree as efficiently as possible. As an online student, you can call or email your advisor to set up a meeting. You will likely communicate with your advisor regularly while you are working toward your bachelor's degree, but how you meet with your advisor can be determined by you and your advisor. Our faculty care about your success!

Resources and Academic Help for Online Students

At ENMU, we want to make sure you get the help you need. All students qualify for our free tutoring services through the Office of Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction. Our peer tutors can host virtual tutoring sessions through chat or video conferencing (with programs like Skype, Zoom and FaceTime), and will help you choose a tutoring format and schedule that works best for you. You also have the option to schedule appointments with your instructors, depending on your instructors' schedules.

Our tutoring services also include our Online Writing Center (OWL), which is exclusively for distance learning students. The OWL is available to help you improve your writing and help you communicate clearly for written, school-related projects and assignments.

Golden Library Distance Learning Resources

The Golden Library provides online databases, journal articles and eBooks accessible through the MyENMU Portal (when you click on the Golden Library from the portal, you are automatically logged into library services so you have access to all the same research resources as on-campus students). Additionally, since ENMU has a dedicated distance learning librarian on staff, you'll be able to quickly get the help you need to take advantage of library resources.

See our distance learning library services >

For questions and concerns you have about your social work homework assignments, projects or grades, you can always email or call your professor.

Affordable Tuition, Great Scholarships and Financial Aid

We are committed to helping you finance your education. Our tuition is always among the lowest of Southwest four-year colleges so you know you're getting a great deal for a quality education from an accredited university.

In addition to Admissions Scholarships and grants, loans and scholarships offered through Financial Aid, the ENMU Foundation offers eight scholarships specifically designated for mathematics majors. Monetary awards are also available to current students for outstanding mathematical achievement.

ENMU Scholarship Information ENMU Tuition Rates

Career Opportunities

When you have a degree in mathematics, you have the knowledge and training to pursue high demand careers; employment opportunities are extensive. Jobs you can get with a bachelor's in mathematics include:

  • Cryptographer
  • Game mathematician
  • Operations researcher
  • Functional analyst

A minor or double major in statistics or computer science will increase your opportunities.

This degree also provides a foundation for careers that require additional certification or advanced degrees after you receive your bachelor's degree:

  • Actuarial scientist – requires passing at least five certification examinations
  • Other careers which require advanced degrees:
    • Community college instructor
    • University professor
    • Quantitative analyst
    • Mathematical modeler

The following websites provide additional information for mathematics majors' careers:

Resume and Job Placement Assistance

When you're ready to find a job after you earn your bachelor's degree in industrial mathematics and statistics, ENMU's Office of Counseling and Career Services offers free job placement assistance to all ENMU students.

Get more info about career services >

High School Courses

If you are interested in majoring in mathematics, you should include the following courses in your high school curriculum:

  • Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry/pre-calculus

Additional Degree Information

You can find additional information about the Bachelor of Science or Arts in Mathematics degree, including the courses you will take when you're a mathematics major at Eastern.

Get a mathematics bachelor's sample degree plan >


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