Accelerated Visual Arts Bachelor to Master of Education Plan (B.A./M.Ed.)

As a Visual Arts major at ENMU, you can participate in an accelerated program, the BA to M.Ed. Visual Arts Secondary Education Plan. This program provides the opportunity to complete up to six graduate credits during the last year of undergraduate, shortening the time to earn a graduate degree. These credit hours apply to both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

To pursue a graduate program, you must be accepted into the Graduate School and the specific graduate program.

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Please note this program is not available until the 2024 Graduate Catalog.

Participating in the Visual Arts Secondary Education Program

Apply to the Graduate School in the last semester of your junior year to join the BA to M.Ed. Visual Arts Secondary Education Plan. You must be admitted into the Education graduate program before enrolling in graduate credits.

Education Graduate Program Admission Requirements

Admission to the accelerated program requires that you meet graduate school admission requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, your admission is based on a review of your academic performance up to that point.

BA to M.Ed. in Education Coursework

Once admitted to this accelerated program, you may take up to six hours of graduate (500-level) courses during your senior year. While in your senior year, you must seek approval for registration from the Education Program's graduate coordinator and the dean of the Graduate School.

Students enrolled in a Master of Education program can teach at New Mexico public schools.

This program is not available until the 2024 Graduate Catalog is released.

Note: Earning a C in any of the 500-level courses will still meet undergraduate degree requirements, but that course will not count toward graduate degree completion.

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