• Please remember that the problems that are causing you to think about suicide are solvable.
  • Most problems are rarely as severe as they appear when first experienced. Time and changes in circumstances may make current problems seem much smaller and less important in the long run.
  • Suicidal thoughts are treatable and there are many different treatment options available. Do not keep suicidal thoughts to yourself. Please seek help.
  • Please do not choose a desperate action to solve a temporary problem.
  • If you cannot think of solutions to your problems, it does not mean that none exist. It just means that you are currently unable to see all the different solutions by yourself.
  • Most people who think about suicide do so for relatively short periods of time. Suicidal thinking and crisis experiences are time-limited. Circumstances can change, feelings can be altered, and unexpected solutions can be found. Please do not choose suicide. You have so many reasons to live.
  • Emotional distress can block our views of life and make us disregard family ties, religion, love of nature and dreams. Those reasons to live are still present. You just have to find them again.
  • Please understand that the impact of your suicide will be profound on those who love you the most. Your loved ones are among many reasons to live.
  • Instead of choosing to suicide, choose to work on solutions by obtaining professional help and guidance now.

Call 575.607.5689 to reach an ENMU on-call counselor.

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