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While I was typing away and ridiculously apologizing for misspelling simple words, her kind understanding and humble spirit dimmed my nervousness.

During our recent interview, she reminded me that someone had helped her out along the way while she was a student and throughout her career, so, in return, she is willing to give back by helping others out along the way.

Sharron once graced the campus of Eastern New Mexico University as a graduate student, and as Miss Portales and Miss New Mexico 1993. She received a bachelor's in speech communication and journalism from Texas A&M University, and a master's in television communication from ENMU.

Sharron won scholarships from her pageant participation in Miss America and received academic scholarships that paid for her college degree.

She credits the ENMU communication program, Dr. Anthony Schroeder and KENW staff Duane Ryan, Sheryl Borden and Richard Rivera for helping her. KENW helped with her first paying job outside of ENMU.

"My very first job was KOBR-TV in Roswell...It was a small shop, and we had like three or four people in it; the news director and a couple of reporters. I was one of those reporters who also did the anchoring," said Sharron.

"We had to go out and do everything... Which, I think, is fantastic because you have an appreciation for everything that goes on in television news.

ENMU was a blessing to her because she formed many life-long friendships and connections with instructors. "No other place in the country or around the world can say that. I think Eastern can," said Sharron.

After spending two years in Roswell, she became the education reporter on the 5 p.m. news in Mobile, Alabama, then anchored in Miami, and then anchored the morning news for KTRK-TV in Houston for eight years.

Now, she is "doing her own thing" passionately, which encompasses her involvement in volunteer work and sharing the stories of others giving back in her new podcast.

In response to the political negativity shared on social media over the past two years, she wanted to create a podcast that talked to people from different walks of life, their careers and what they're doing to give back to their communities.

"I felt by doing a podcast that talked about giving back, I was hoping that it would bring people closer together and encourage them to give back, too. The only way to heal our society is if we help each other," said Sharron.

The podcast has gone global with downloads from across the United States, Canada, South America, the United Kingdom, Russia and even Japan.

When deciding the title of her podcast, Sharron and her mom came up with the title "Sharing the Sugar with Sharron" because it's about sharing a conversation and conversation is sweet.

"It's a play on words... It's a collaboration between me and my mom on sharing the sweetness of life. When we first thought about this, we thought people are going to giggle, but that's a good idea. They think it's cute, but kind of funny, so maybe people will be interested in listening," Sharron explained.

Last month, she released her podcast beginning with an interview with Tim Tebow. Recently, she interviewed Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spiderman, the Hulk, X-men, The Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

"A lot of people don't know that he has a literacy foundation and new organization that is trying to bring people closer together. I had the opportunity to talk to him and share it with people who may not even realize and say, ‘Hey, if he's doing that, why can't I do that and give back, too,'" said Sharron.

"When we start talking about the charity that [people are] passionate about and giving back, their face and their eyes change. It's this energy that flows through people. It's wonderful to see that, and it's like they get this glow, this wonderful glow of happiness.

The passion that people have for giving back is another reason why Sharron decided to do a podcast. She is planning to upload videos of her interviews on YouTube to visually show people's passion.

Volunteer work and giving back is a part of who Sharron is. She has been doing volunteer work since she was a girl scout at six years old.

Sharron emcees a lot of pageants and volunteers at various charity events, and is an active board director for the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council and committee member for Women of Wardrobe with Dress for Success Houston.

"If you can provide just that little bit [of help] sometimes, giving back changes everything and everyone in a way that they couldn't even begin to imagine," she said.

"The reason why you do stories in journalism and interview people is not for the award. It's for the satisfaction that you hope will impact people... and make a difference.

Sharron's podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play for free, and she uploads a new podcast every Thursday night. She would love to hear suggestions about those she could interview.

Share a little sugar with Sharron by subscribing and listening to her podcast because "the most important thing we can do is lift each other up in this world."