ENMU Alumna Teaches at Indiana University Kokomo

ENMU Alumna Teaches at Indiana University Kokomo

When she graduated she was pregnant with her first child. She and her husband decided to move to Indianapolis, Indiana, after researching several states. They came to the conclusion that it looked like "a good family orientated city."


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"We wanted to go where there were more opportunities. We needed a change of pace," explained Ivanova.

"I soon pursed my Indiana teaching license and started teaching. After that I became a phlebotomist as well," said Ivanova, who began teaching middle school in the Indianapolis public schools.

During her time in the Indianapolis school district she taught sixth through eighth graders history, seventh through eleventh language arts, and English honors classes.

After working many years in Indianapolis public schools she was transitioned to a difficult job, and at that point she wanted to home-school her children, so she left her job to do that.

She stayed home for a year and took that time to decide what she wanted to do with her future.

"I knew I wanted to pursue a doctorate, so I transitioned to graduate school. I got my master's at Indianapolis University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), then began my doctorate work at Indiana University Bloomington," said Ivanova.

Her first semester at Bloomington, Indiana, she was offered a supervisor job for early field experiences.

"Bloomington campus was where I really got started teaching. I was at the main campus and taught for four years. I was accepted into a fellowship program - Future Faculty Teaching Fellowship. Then in Kokomo, Indiana, I became a full-time faculty member at University of Indiana. In the middle of last year our dean of education offered me a position as a visiting lecturer. I accepted that," explained Ivanova.

She has been teaching higher education for six years and it is her 17th year teaching overall.

She will graduate in December and hopes to defend her dissertation January 2017, when she will then become Dr. Ivanova.

"Where I work at is really a remarkable university. I feel honored and blessed to be here. I love my students and colleagues. There's a family atmosphere here.

"KoKomo recently suffered tornado damage, and the university and community really worked together to help out the students that had been displaced. I feel blessed to be where I am."

During her time at ENMU she was the editor of El Portal and got to work with Dr. Jack Williamson, ENMU's late science fiction pioneer, and was mentored by him.

"I think that was one my most memorable times there; I got the opportunity to see what editing and publishing was all about," said Ivanova.

She was a member of Blue Key Honor Fraternity during her time as a Greyhound.

"My time at ENMU was an awesome learning experience and so many people helped me through my undergraduate time there."